Monday, November 30, 2009

Savvy Shopping Tips & Money Saving Ideas

Twittermoms and Staples are having a contest. They want Bloggers to post their Savvy Shopping Tips, Money Saving Ideas , Top Gift Ideas and Time Saving Tips. So of course, I decided to join in. You can too and possibly win prizes.
My Number One Shopping Tip and Money Saving Idea is to Hit all the Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I have a list of ideas and gifts that I would like to purchase. Then I look at the ads and find the best price for that product and shop there. I am not a one store shopping Gal. I look around at all the ads and find out who's having the best price for that item. Why would you want to spend more money? when you can get it cheaper eleswhere. Also, I keep in mind that some stores meet competitor's prices and I use coupons too. I keep my receipts too and if I just bought a certain item and I find it for a better price a week later than if the savings is worth the time to exchange and re-buy it, then I will do that.
I like to buy extra gifts when I get them on sale or pay little to nothing for them. These gift ideas include Chocolate, Nuts, Body Lotions, Etc. These make cute little gifts for Teachers, Bus Drivers, Mail Carriers, neighbors,friends or co-workers. These can be used alone or with another gift depending on who this is for and how much You can afford to give.
There are many great gifts that You can give that come from the heart. This Year, My Daughter and I are making some gifts. These Gifts are very special because they are made with Love. It doesn't matter the price of the gift, It's the Thought that counts. I make Cookie Trays and Edible Gifts for many of my Friends and they just Love them and look forward to them year after year. Although, I try to change it up abit, so its not the same gift as last year.
If money is tight and You want a more personal gift, make up a gift certificate offering a service. Examples include House Cleaning, Cooking, Baby/Pet Sitting, Handyman services. Even the children can do this, examples washing dishes, helping dad clean the garage,etc.
I like to give Photo gifts, including framed pictures of the kids, photobooks and scapbooks. I think these make a great gift especially for the Grandparents.
To save money on wrapping expenses, I take advantage of the free gift wrapping that some stores offer. Otherwise, I buy my wrapping paper on sale. The best time to buy wrapping paper is a few days after Christmas when the stores mark it down to 75-90% off, then I stock up. This saves You alot of money. I also, take advantage of the free boxes that some stores offer. I like to buy my gift bags and tissue paper at the Dollar Store. I hope I have given you some good tips and ideas. Wishing All of You a Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!!!

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