Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Favorite Holiday Activities

To celebrate the premiere of Dora’s Christmas Carol, Nickelodeon and TwitterMoms want us to share our favorite holiday activities we like to do with our kids! You can join the contest too. Information is found here

My Favorite Holiday activities always include my children. We always Go to Church and spend the Holidays with our Loved ones. Here are some of our Activities we like to do:

#1 We Love to Pick out and cut down our own Christmas Tree. Then we bring it home and after its up and the lights are on, The children help to decorate the tree. They love to put their own oraments on. I usually buy them one each year that has their name and the year on it. I started this when they were a baby and they really enjoy it. Now, its a Tradition.

#2 We love to make and decorate cookies. My children help more now that they're getting older. They can help measure the ingredients and make the dough. Then we cut out them and bake them Of course, they love to help with the frosting and decorate all the cookies. But, I think they love to eat them the most.

#3 We like to go see Santa and have our Pictures taken. (Now- that they are not scared of Santa, they usually tell him what they are wishing for)

#4 We like to play in the snow. We have snowball fights, we love to make snowmen and we always go sliding. Sometimes the kids do this more by themselves too but I always make sure that I do it a few times over the winter with them.

#5 We like to go shopping and buy presents for each other. This year, we have started to make some nice Christmas presents for our Family and friends. The children always like to help wrap the gifts too.

#6. We love to watch all the Christmas movies. There are so many Good ones playing on tv and at the movie theaters. A family favorite is the Polar Express, I think we have been watching this one every year since this came out.
Remember to watch Dora’s Christmas Carol premiere on Nickelodeon on 12/6 @ 8PM EST!

Of course, we have many other activities that we love to do during the holiday season and I can't wait to do all these fun things .
Enjoy your Holidays with your children!!!


Too Many Hats said...

Decorating the tree, making egg nog ice cream, and watching It's a Wonderful Life are all on our favorite lists.

Colleen said...

wish we could be there to celebrate!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I love all your traditions with your kids. I really hope one day my daughter and I can love to bake together... of course, that would entail me learning to bake in the first place!


Naomi de la Torre said...

Nice traditions! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a lot of fun at your house. I'm visiting from MBC and following you now. Please come by and take a peek at my bloggie sometime!