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Pretty Please Press Books Review & Giveaway

pretty please press
About Pretty Please Press:

Pretty Please Press
publishes children's books that are designed to be read aloud and talked about. Each book contains a message about character and values that helps parents and children think and talk about a variety of issues. Pretty Please Press was founded in 2001 by author Laura Aimee Garn, and is now led by publisher Vera Venturi.

Pretty Please Press was created with the idea that reading to your children will help establish good communication between parents and children. Many education and parenting experts stress that reading to or with children is one of the most important things parents can do to make sure kids stay on the right track. Reading together during elementary school years helps parents and children bond as a family. Opening up lines of communication with kids early in life will encourage them to talk to you later, when big "character issues" arise. In addition, they provide free educational downloads including Vocabulary Building Cards, Concept Building Cards, and Character Building Lesson Plans.

Currently Pretty Please Press has 20% off the list price for their books purchased through their site as well as "buy 3 get 1 free offer".

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Written and illustrated by Jeffrey Greene

About the Book:
In a distant galaxy, on a very colorful planet, a brilliant purple Pynx settles into her new home in the jungle. But her noisy arrival upsets the other fanciful creatures who are already living there quite happily. When the Pynx expands her family with dozens of new babies, her neighbors are very upset. The very vocal Pynx has had this problem before, but this time, with a little luck, she finds a real home. This is a story about being tolerant, learning to appreciate differences, and about finding ways to communicate.

My Review:
The character building theme in this book is Tolerance. This is a cute story about a purple Pynx that is quite annoying to the other creatures in the jungle where she lives. The other creatures don't understand her and they find her to be annoying. This book helps you understand that even though we are not all the same we can learn to communicate and get along with others. This is a great lesson to learn and through this story I feel that children can understand things better.

kick block
Kick Block Punch
Written and illustrated by Jacquie Hann

About the Book:
Sam arrives at his first karate class all ready to receive his black belt. To his surprise, he has a lot to learn about karate, and there are many other belts to earn before he attains the rank of black belt. With the help of his patient instructor, he learns how to work hard toward his goal and to master this new skill. This story shows that patience and practice are important when we are approaching a new challenge.

My Review:
In this book, the character building skill is setting goals. This is great lesson that children need to learn. I love how this story shows you that by working hard and practicing, you can achieve your goals. Sam thought he knew everything about karate and found out that had alot to learn. (This sounds alot like children I know). This story teaches you alittle about karate, which I feel will keep the children interested in reading, while also learning that you have to be responsible and work hard by practicing to success. Sam ends up earning a yellow belt and is working hard to make his goal of being a black belt in karate. I think that my son will really enjoy me reading this book to him. I really like the idea of being able to download free flash cards and lesson plans to go along with this story. I think that any teacher would really like these books, as they are fun stories to read and yet they can incorporate character building lessons.

Thank You to Pretty Please Press for the complimentary books for review and giveaway!
**Disclosure~I received a copy of these books for review purposes**

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