Friday, March 13, 2009

Fitness Friday: Guest blogger Colleen

Fitness Friday post by Colleen.

Thank you Shawn for having me as a guest...well ok we all know I take advantage of you when ever I am visitting...can I go take a nap now while you watch my kids for me!

First I should introduce myself. I am Colleen from The Princess and The Monkey...or others know me as colleen_mouse....Shawn knows me as the pesty sister!

Seriously...I am here to do my fitness friday post.

Well I am very pleased to say I HAVE LOST 20 POUNDS!!! Woo whoo

...ok so the party isnt over cause yes I have gotten this far, but it is only 25% of the weight I want to lose.
So I will continue doing what I am doing. It is actually working! I am still motivated and still having fun! I love my wii fit! I have tried some things over the years. I seem to be reading that many of the other Wii mommies are trying to lose baby weight...Not me. I have always been overweight. Even in highschool. I was very active in highschool and was very competitive, yet still overweight. Before I met Bob I had lost probably 25 pounds. I even did pretty well while being pregnant with Kennedy and only gained 20pounds and lost it after having her. I unfortunatly didnt keep it off...and have since then gained many more pounds. When I started on New Years I was the heaviest I have ever been. I feel good now, knowing I can do this! I still have to say if it wasnt for the wii fit I wouldnt have done what I have. Just since having Kennedy(7yrs ago) I have tried going to the YMCA and Curves..and couldnt stick with either. I also have tried doing some exercise dvds and tried the Firm step system. UGGH...the Firm was hard! I couldnt stay motivated because I always felt like a failure doing it. I could never keep up with the trainers! It now sits in my closet collecting dust. The one dvd I do actually like is Denise Austin Power Zone. I think I like it cause it really changes things up, like using the Wii fit. You have the cardio(which has dance and kickboxing moves in it) and exercises like the strengthening ones. I think I might start adding this in, but try to keep doing my Wii fit routine of at least 30minutes a day, five days a week.

So how am I doing on my Wii fit. Well I am still loving the boxing the most! I have got my high score this week of I am aiming at getting 1300. I also tied my high score at hoola hoop of 3425...I know, Shawn, I have a long way to go to reach your score. I love doing it though...I really can tell this has worked for me. I can see how much looser my shirts are in the stomach area and my pants. I even had to laugh at my husband. He says to me tonight(THur)"you are getting a JLo butt". My pants are getting really baggy under my butt....So you can finally see some definition is my booty instead of the flat wide butt.

Oh and for my surprise that I said I would post....well I do another meme on Fridays called Flashback Friday...So seeing I am here at my sisters blog...what better than to share a Flashback Friday for us both!

Thanks for having me Shawn...and keep up the great work! You did a great job losing for your trip to Florida!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tomorrow I will have a Guest

Tomorrow is the Blog Swap-Phase One & Saturday is the Twitter Party. I am very excited & would like to win a WiiFit and/or the other great Wii Prizes. If you've visted here before; You know that I'm new to the BloggyWorld & new to usiing the WiiFit. I guess maybe I'm not brand new at using the WiiFit. It's been about almost 6 weeks now. I've been trying to use the WiiFit for a hour hour at least 5 days a week. It's been going good. I have dropped to Average and I'm not Overweight according to the Wii. I haven't really seen any weight loss this week but I have noticed the weight loss in how my clothes fit. I'm hoping to firm & tone up more. The next two weeks I will be in Florida on vacation & I hope not to gain any of the weightloss back. I know I will be eating out alot. We have tons of Wedding plans. Wednesday night-dinner out with family & meet my brother-in-laws family. Then Thursday we have a bridal shower, Friday is rehersal & dinner. Then Saturday's the Wedding. I will be eating & drinking(Hopefully will dance off some of that) Sunday we are going to be resting & going to the beach. (Not sure on dinner) Then Monday-we're off to Disney for three days. (Eating Out) Then so on...I guess You get the point. I will not be usiing the WiiFit while on Vacation but I will try to do some of the strength training exercises & will be walking alot.I know I will be eating differently. Hopefully- just not over eating. So- I guess We will see -How I do When I write in the Fitness Friday Post the following Week. Wish me luck & keep up your efforts.
On Friday I will be having a GUEST here. This person is someone I've known for a very long time & Care for very much. She's my sister--Colleen_Mouse. I Know You will like her. She's Awesome. She's the one who helped me set up my own blog And she got me involved with the WiiMommies & many of the other blogs I follow. I could go on all day talking about her; I'm sure if you know her or visited her blog -You've already been thinking that she's great yourself. So please stop on by tomorrow & see what Colleen has to say. I'm very proud of her!!!! She's been doing very good at losing weight & exercising on the wiifit.
If you would like to see what I have to say on Friday then please stop by Cheekysweetie's site & visit As I will be her Guest for the Day. I'll share more later..

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wii Mommies Blog Swap Twitter Party

Do you like to have fun?? Do you want a chance to win great prizes?? Then read this... I hope to give you all the information you need.
I am looking forward to this & hoping to win one of the wonderful prizes. I love the WiiFit and the WiiMommies make using it even better. They are always having different contest & giveaways. They have a contest that's still going on in the forum. (5%loss) I was the first to win a loxly print & I just won an ipod building block speaker from the Wiifit Olympics for taking the silver medal in the Hula Hoop. It's not too late for you to join. I've only been using the WiiFit for 5 weeks. Check out my Fitness Friday posted below to see how I'm doing.
Anyways... On with the information:

Here's what you need to do:
Sign the Mr Linky on Sarah's Real Life Blog (Be Sure to follow all the rules)
This is for the Swing Blog part (sign up before 3/9/09)
Sign up On Twitter & follow wiimoms,@reallifesarah,@coolmomguide,@couponcoupjenn,@goodenoughwitch,@acebeach
Have to join in the Twitter party on Saturday 3/14/09 between 8-10 pm (estern time) to win prizes
Add the Blog Swing Button to your blog.
Go to Wii Mommies blog at the CoolMomGuide to Fitness & enter to win the Grand Prize Drawing of:A Wii Fit, Wii Fit Silicone Cover, Wii Fit battery Pack from!
Go to The Good Enough Witch & enter to win: the Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum and a Wii Remote dual Charge Station!
Go to The Cool Mom Guide & enter to win: My Fitness Coach and a Nintendo Wii Sports Pack
Go to the Coupon Coup & enter to win :the Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2 + Dance Pad and a Wii Fit Silicone Cover
Go to Sarahs Real Life Blog & enter to win: We Ski and a Nintendo Wii Sports Pack!
I think this is everything listed here. Make sure you read all the rules & how to's on these sites I've listed. Hope this helps and hope you join in on the fun.

Fitness Friday

I can't believe it's Friday Already. Where did the time go???
I know I've been using the WiiFit for at least 1/2 hour everyday so far this week. Today has been 5 weeks now. Happy to say I'm down 13 pounds total & my BMI is down 2 full points. I'm going down lower in the "Average"zone. Yeah me!! I am happy that my healthy eating & exercising is paying off. Today I got my highest Hula Hoop score of 3491 spins. (Just a little late for the Olympics- I got a silver medal with 3479)
I am hoping to lose a few more pounds before my Florida Trip. It's only 10 more days away. I hope that I maintain my weight while I'm down there thought. That may be the challenge. I'll keep you updated. I guess that's all for now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mamalicious Monday

Well- It's Monday already. We had a buzy weekend. Saturday I worked, waited around for the electricity to come back on, played on the wiifit & entered the olympics( read my last post) It was really fun. My 10 year old daughter played too & my mom even tried to see if she could do better on the island run. That really wasn't my best event. Well-the only event I did Great on was the Hula Hooping & I took the silver medal with 3479 spins. That's my all-time best. The winner had 3 more with 3482. Congrats to her. I want to mention my sister Colleen who kicked butt. She won the Overall top prize and took the silver in the island run & the bronze in the penguin slide. Check her blog out for her details on her win. And Congrats!!!! After reading about all the hard work & effort she put in -she really deserves it...
Sunday wasn't as busy. We went to church, church school (I teach the 4th graders),then to my parents house. My mom & sister Carrie, my son & I went shopping. I needed to get a dress for my sister-in-laws wedding. It's going to be here before we know it. (March 21st) I needed some help picking out the dress I was getting. My mother's & Sister's opinions helped me choose the right one. Of course my son, Connor told me they all looked good. He's only 7 & I couldv'e put the ugliest one on & he wouldv'e still thought it looked good. LOL My daughter & nephew stayed home & played Webkins on the computer while grandpa looked after them. Connor got a new Webkin at the store & they helped him play after we got back.
So, It's Monday already & I had some house cleaning to catch up on. The Laundry was piling up. I had to sweep that lovely dog hair (From Buddy-yellow Lab) that gets all over. I can't wait for Spring & the dogs go outside more. Then mopping & I stopped my cleaning to write this & read my email & enter into some giveaways I'm hoping to win. Well anyways- I guess I don't have much time to use do this...I still need to do more cleaning (that's never ending at my house), play on the wiifit, eat something & go to work tonight. Hopefully I will get all the stuff done I need to, just in time for the kids & hubby to make more messes. That seems like the story of my life. Or is that what most moms do??? If you would like to participate in Mamalicious Monday stop by The Gift Closet to find out how.