Monday, November 2, 2009

Drinks for the Seasons

Drinks for the Seasons? This is the Question. Depending on what season we are in, we all like to drink something different or special. I'm kind of plain when it comes to drinks. I love my Diet Coke!!! I don't drink much alcohol but I do like to have an Amaretto Sour occasionally. In the Summer, I love a nice fresh sqeezed glass of lemonade, in the fall I like a glass of Apple Cider,at Christmas time I like to drink Eggnog. My husband likes to drink Beer all year long. What about You? Do you have a favorite drink ?
To celebrate the arrival of our favorite season and the wonderful drinks that come with it, Lenox and TwitterMoms want to know what your favorite drink of the season is, how you make it, and – most importantly – how you present it?
So, Here's mine. I love Hot Chocolate all winter long. It's always better when you top it with whipped cream and try adding some mint. (Mint flavored Hershey kisses work well) I like to drink hot chocolate best while eating Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, the combination is so yummy. If I'm in a hurry then I just buy the allready made hot cocoa mixes. This is much easier for the kids.
I make my own by simmering milk add in Chocolate syrup and mint kisses, top with whipped cream.
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Too Many Hats said...

Oh yes, love hot chocolate. Our favorite Christmas drink is homemade egg nog ice cream that we make into shakes for Christmas brunch every year - YUM! Right now about all I drink is water. I was a diet coke addict and I had to kick that habit :(

Organize Your Life said...

I love a hot chocolate all year round too. A really cold glass of white wine in summer and a nice red in winter go down a treat too.

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Claire McFee

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