Saturday, February 28, 2009

WiiFit Olympics

Today was the WiiFit Olympics and I got a late start. First of all, I had to work today. I didn't get home util 3:00 And I was ready to participate in the "Olympics"
So I thought. I just turned on my Wii and was about to take my body test First and the electricity goes out. (GO FIGURE) I called the power company & the estimated time was about 8:00 pm. Great- I was so mad.--I couldn't even do my housework that needed to be done. Because you see, I live in the country with a well (a private water source) & when there's no electric-there's no water. So- my floors didn't get mopped, no dishes washed or laundry done. What a day.. Then I had to pick my daughter up from a birthday party and it was even later. So, finally the power was back on & ready to go. Well--I did really great at the Hula Hoop. Even beat my highest score of 3470 & go a 3479. I'm hoping to take a silver medal. My kids would like the ipod speaker. So, lets get our fingers crossed. Then the others I don't really do much. If I had time to practice, I might have gotten a better score. Oh Well. I love the WiiFit and it's fun exercise. My routine usually consist of the 10 minute hula hoop, 10 minute boxing, advanced step & free step. Then I try a few strength & yoga exercises. I generally don't play the games. I have only been using the WiiFit for about 3 1/2 Weeks. (And wanted to tone up & lose weight so thats why I stick with the Aerobics) So- I participated & think anyone who did should be awarded. I guess you are!! (Hopefully a bit stronger, more toned & maybe a few pounds lighter)
I would like to give a shout out to my sister Colleen. She's done Awesome & I hope she wins.
I've included my pictures here.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Fitness Friday

It's Friday already. I've been quite buzy today & this week. Today I didn't have a chance to use the WiiFit. I've been running around. I should say walking around here & there and everywheres. So I guess I still had exercise.
I try to use the WiiFit at least 5 days a week for 1/2 hour or more. I still managed to do that this week. And tomorrow I plan on participating in The Olympics. Hopefully there will be an event I'm really good at. I am pretty good at hula hooping-always get 4 stars. Boxing - I finally got 3 stars & the free step-I can get 4 stars just on the regular one I only get 2 stars. I'm hoping to improve on these though. I don't think I'm doing too bad- it's only been 3 1/2 weeks.
I've been eating pretty healthy. If anything maybe I'm not eating enough. And that's pretty stupid because I love food. Who doesn't ?!? I find it better to eat little meals and eat fruit in between. Actually I read a "weight lifters'" book & she said that eating a piece of fruit 2 hours after breakfast & lunch helps speed up your metabolism. I've been doing that although I think I need to eat more still. The problem I have--is that I coach gymnastics 3 nights a week & find myself eating at 9-9:30 in the evening. So I started eating dinner at 3:30 before I leave for the gym then when I get home around 9 or so I don't eat. (I'm hungry then though) I'm hoping that this will help me lose more weight.
I'm not sure what my weight is today, but as of yesterday I'm down about 10 pounds or so. Last week, I was so happy that my BMI dropped to under 25 & I was no longer Overweight. Then on Sunday- I was again. My BMI went back up to 25.14 and Overweight. It's so frustrating. Then Happy to say Tuesday & again the last time I checked on Thursday I was down to 24.92 again & Average. I'm at the high end but I'm happy with that. I know that muscle weighs more than fat & you can tell I've toned up. I still want to continue toning & losing more; so hopefully next week I'll be down more. Until then- All of you keep up the good work & use the WiiFit--It's FUN!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Well, It's Thursday already. I've been quite busy trying to keep up with everything. I'm trying to add my bloglist, add buttons and enter into contest. So I haven't had much time to post anything on my own site.

I wanted to give a shout out to The Dirty Shirt and Thank her for my DVD. I won Escape To Chimp Eden. I'm sure my kids will love this as much as I will. I'm a big monkey fan. I'm saving this to give to my kids to take on our Florida Vacation that's approaching us soon. I can't wait. This DVD will help to entertain the kids on our drive. I hope.. Anyways-thanks again & I hope to win some more of your awesome giveaways.

Thank you to my real sister & to all of my Sitsa who've been here to visit & of course a big Thank You to Wenda for stopping by. I love your contest.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mamalicious Monday

Today is my first time participating in Mamalicious Monday. This is a fun bloggy game for mom's from The Gift Closet. My sister does this on Monday's & got me interested.

I will start by sharing some insight of my family. I have a beautiful daughter-Kylee's who's 10 now. She is doing great in school. This report card she made High Honor Roll Again. She loves to read, play Nintendo games (Wii & Ds lite), watch TV, play sports, Fish with Daddy & lots more. (I would be here all day) She's always been such a sweet, polite girl but lately she's been getting mouthy to me. She yells & thinks she can do what she wants all the time & she thinks she doesn't have to do what I ask her to. OOH- she's learning the hard way. (She was grounded for most of Winter Vacation last Week) I hope I can get this under control now before it gets worst. The Joys of being a Mom. Dad doesn't really help too much-he doesn't want her not to like him or be the bad guy. Sound Familiar???

Then There's my son Connor-who's 7 now. He loves everything mostly. He likes to play on the Wii & with his Ds lite too. He loves to go fishing with Daddy & hunting. He plays all sports & is pretty good at them too. He's likes to be buzy. He's a good little boy most of the time. My little sweetheart. He still thinks I'm Great. I'm hoping to keep it that way. Yesterday he got mad at me & tried to yell. I looked at him & said "you are not being very nice & you are not going to talk that way to me". Then he looked at me (with that sad look) & said I'm Sorry. He knew better. (I guess its the age). I hope..
I love both my children very much & sould count my blessings. My children are pretty much very healthy & happy. They are spoiled but not like some kids. I give them what they need but not always what they want.

My husband told me to get a hobby. (I have one-shopping but right now I can't afford it) He told me this (to get a hobby)--because he likes to go hunting & fishing ALOT!!!! So- I started visiting blogs, entering giveaways, making new friends & now I Spend too much time on the computer. Go Figure!!!???!!!!
Until next time- Have a Good One!!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Never Grow Up's Birthday Bash

I'm Sharing Some News about Great Giveaways & Fun Activities for the Kids. Check out this site & enter to get Gifts Galore.

Show off your Favorites

I'm showing off My Favorite Posts to enter into a conest. Since I'm a NewBee--I would have to say that All my posts are my favorites. (Don't even have 10 yet)
***Hope I can start getting more creative***

I will start with my #1 Favorite Is : (This was my First Post)

#2 Favorite is : (I found a blog I like & showed them off)

#3 Favorite is : ( I love children & wanted to help)

#4 Favorite is:(I love the Sistahood & showed them off)

#5 Favorite is :(I'm proud of this & love the Wii & WiiFit)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fitness Friday

Today is my First Time participating in the Fitness Friday.....
I will start by sharing some info about myself. We just got a Wii for Christmas thanks to Gramma & Grandpa. I wanted to lose weight and get in shape for upcoming Florida trip. My sister-in law is getting married & we are going to Florida for her wedding & Disney trip. That means shorts & swim suits; not jeans & sweaters-so I decided I wanted to look Good. I tried this diet(suppose to lose 10 pounds in 3 days-eat gross food) & that didn't work. I've been playing Wii Sports-the boxing & tennis seem to give you a good work-out. Then my parents got the Wii Fit and I've been using that. Unfortunately I Haven't had the extra money to buy myself one-with saving for Florida trip. I'm hoping to win one at the next Twitter Party the Wii Fti Mommies are having. Anyways, I've started 3 weeks ago using the Wii Fit & I LOVE IT!!!! I started "Overweight according to my BMI and after almost 3 weeks I have dropped to Average. I can see that my work is paying off. I have lost 10 pounds & was the first to reach 5% progress In forum contest by The Cool Mom Guide To Fitness by the Wii Fit Mommies. Thank You for that prize I will be getting. The better reward is that I'm getting in shape & feeling better about myself. My family is trying too. I am going to keep using my parents Wii Fit & hopefully try to win one myself by participating in the next twitter party held. I hope to participate in the WFM Forum Olympics next Saturday. Hope everyone is training. I Hope to be there & Maybe win some great prizes.
Until next Friday--I will try to exercise even more. I already have increased my times & it's Fun...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday -Day 4

Hi. Today is Thursday & I'm on day 4 of this... I am definitely a NewBee.. I found a great blog called The Secret is in The Sauce . I love their concept.... By joining the "sitsahood" everyone tries to visit other "sitsas" and leave comments. Thank you to all my sitsas that have been here & left me comments. I hope to meet lots more & visit you too. I've been starting with the featured blogger & will get to more soon. Another great reward is that they are having a giveaway "Bedroom Bliss". I would love to win this... I could use new sheets & pillows.
Check this out... and stop by for a visit.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday-Day 3

Hi.. It's me again. I'm writing this alittle later than I would've liked but It's better late than never. Ok-so I have some good news. I have been doing the WiiFit for about 2 & 1/2 weeks now (& Eating Healthly ) & I'm Happy to say that I'm not Overweight anymore. Just barely-but I made it to the Average Mark. I am so glad that this is working. It's Fun too. I will tell you more on Friday-when I write my 1st Fitness Friday Post. Hope fully tomorrow I will have more time to share some more info--- than just me bragging.. ( Believe me I still want to lose more weight & tone up...)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Helping a Child (in the hospital)

Hi -- It's time to share again...

My Wonderful Walls works with local children's hospitals by donating Canvases. They want to put one canvas in every child's room in the hospital and are looking for Blogger's to help. For blogs putting a link using their keywords "Kids Murals & Nusery Art" they will be donating a canvas in that blogger's name either bi-monthly or monthly depending on the blogs ratings. I
think this is great & wanted to help. Can You?

Kids & Nursery Murals

Day #2

Hi- I'm back for Day # 2 I'll mention that Colleen helped me figure out a few things. She's Great but if you've visited her site- You already know that.. She is offering her first giveaway. Check it out. Click here.
Speaking of my sister-she led me to another great site called "Kidz". She's having a kick off party
with Giveaways Feb. 16-27. Be sure to visit...

Monday, February 16, 2009

First Day

Hi. Today is my first day trying to set up my blog. Wanted to try this out & see if I could do this. I just started reading & following some interesting blogs & wanted to share with all of you. I read my sisters blog daily. She lives 14 hours from us & we like to keep up with what's going on with her & the kids.. I started reading other blogs and entering into giveaways. I wanted a blog to share my info & thoughts & let others enter into great giveaways too. And this gives me an extra chance too. I'm honest. I don't sweet talk things, I tell it like it is.. Sometimes-that gets me in trouble. ( My problem). I'm gonna keep it short today & I need help from Colleen to figure out how to do some of this stuff...