Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mom Sends the MSG

Mom Sends the Msg is a public service campaign initiated by aimed at reducing distracted driving. Through the power of moms sending the "keep your mind on the wheel" msg, we know we can make the roads safer for our families and communities.

Keep Your Mind on the Wheel ~SIGN THE PLEDGE!~

Our Pledge
Driving while distracted can be more dangerous than driving drunk.
As moms, we want safer roads.
We know the time has come for us all to recognize the risks of distracted driving, to be more responsible and to mind the wheel.

Here is what we pledge:
We pledge to model safe behavior when we drive.
We pledge to set firm house rules on texting and phoning while driving.
We pledge to help spread the word on the dangers of distracted driving.

Anyone who signs and takes the pledge before Monday Nov.16 12:00pm EST can be entered to win one of three Mini Dell Computers being given away at Robyns Online World (For more information, please visit her site)

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