Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's Missing ?

What's missing ??? Hint!! Something in this picture is missing.. Besides the grass still buried in the snow. Did you Guess...Connor's Glasses. How did that happen? How can one lose their eyeglasses?

Well... Connor's only 8!!! Connor has been wearing prescription glasses for a couple of years now. He usually takes pretty good care of his glasses. okay... So why are they missing then? And where are they? My quess is... in Daddy's truck (aka pigpen).

Last seen... Connor had left his glasses at Gramma's house after finishing his homework. I checked with my Mom and she gave Connor's glasses to Pete to bring home. So, I'm guessing they are in the truck some where-between all the other junk!!(I hope) Well... Pete hasn't really tried to hard to look for Connor's glasses. Until, I mentioned that we would have to buy him a new pair. As soon as Pete started to see $$$ (Dollar Signs), he went out to clean his truck.

I need to start making Connor take better care of his glasses.I like this Rule: IF THEY ARE NOT ON YOUR FACE---THEY BETTER BE IN THE CASE!!!! And that goes for me too.
I've been bad too!!! My glasses can usually can be found on the bathroom counter, or the floor by my bed. That's why I'm not so mad at Connor for losing his glasses. The only difference is that I purchased my glasses online and they where much easier to find and cost much less than what we went through in getting Connor's glasses at the optical center. So, Let's keep our fingers crossed... that Pete finds Connor's missing glasses in his truck.

*Disclosure: Although I am going to be compensated for my time and linking this post to GlassesUsa.com, it has not infuenced my opinion. I love my glasses I received from them awhile back and I can't wait for them to carry children's glasses.*

You can read my review here.

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Colleen said...

PETE...get looking for those glasses!