Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WeFitfor2 ~My Review~

Enter a new revolution in fitness with WEFITFOR2
Your Definitive Couple's Workout
3DVD Set ~Hosted by Fitness Experts Dean Graham and Lori Lim

Disc 1: Lower body,shoulders,abs and 2 circuits intergrating focus areas
Disc 2: Back,chest,arms and 2 circuits intergrating focus areas
Disc 3: 12 mini circuits and 1 full body circuit combining Discs 1 & 2

Theses 3 Discs feature over 30 Exercises throughtly broken down.
No Equipment Necessary! This approach is callisthenic(body weight)based.

A fun, innovative and effective new approach to fitness, WEFITFOR2 combines fully-customizable strength training techniques and a challenging cardio regiment with a new, intimate fitness concept called “partnering” – utilizing your own body weight against a partner’s to achieve maximum body-changing results.

Instructors Bio's
Dean Graham:
Formerly one the New York Sports Clubs top trainers, Dean has established himself as one of the elite private trainers in the nation’s hottest market. With extensive training in several forms of martial arts and yoga over the past 15 years, Dean has brought a unique skill set and knowledge of the body to the field of fitness. When Dean isn’t helping clients achieve their goals, ranging from simple weight loss to getting into elite shape, he divides his time between running a successful yoga studio and researching new ways of achieving peak physical and mental potential..

Lori Lim:
Lori feels honored that her background of over 18 years in dance and ice dancing, has enabled her to give back some of that knowledge both on and off the ice. She received her group fitness certificate while completing her university degree. Exploring different dance, fitness and movement forms has always been a passion. Lori frequently travels abroad for studies and to broaden her repertoire.

My Thoughts:
I love the concept of "Partnering" to help motivate you and make you more accountable for a more effective workout. This feels like you're working out with a trainer to push you and give you feedback. You can do this with anyone regardless of the size difference. Each DVD gives you many options for couples of various shapes and sizes. These exercises can be done with your loved one for more intimacy or a friend to provide closeness.
This is a solid fitness program that will burn calories, reduce fat, increase strength and stamina and make your body better than ever. These exercises utiltize the whole body, engaging your core to burn more calories and give you a cardio workout. While these exercising are strength building and help with toning.
I like that you don't need to buy fancy equipment or spend money on a gym memebership. These workouts can be done anywhere(as long as you bring a dvd player)and you don't need much space. I really liked that each exercise is demonstarted so you now exactly how to do it. I love how you can focus on certain areas or do an all body workout.
My husbands been too busy to try these workouts, so my daughter and I have tried some of these. I have found some great exercises that I need to work on for my problem areas.
I'm planning on using this program to help tone up more before summer.
I noticed watching these DVD's that we use some of these exercises in our strength training program with our gymnasts. I have also learned of some more great partner exercises to use in our workouts too.

To find out more about this fitness program, please visit and visit their official store to purchase this.

*Disclosure: I received this DVD set complimentary for review purposes. These are my thoughts and my own opinion*


Natalie W said...

Sounds like a wonderful workout video. Wish I had someone to do it with. Can't get my husband to exercise!

Colleen said...

I thought that it sounded like something that your gymnasts would enjoy.

tracyo said...

That's kind of cool...I would love to try and get my husband to try this. He'd rather just sit there while I do it myself! Found your link on The Product Reviewers Place!