Monday, March 8, 2010 ~ Award Winning Educational Website~ is an award-winning education website for grades K-8. This engaging web community uses beautiful picture books to instill the love of reading, writing and learning, while providing an anywhere-anytime, standards-based, education resource that connects teachers, students and parents.

This creative anytime-anywhere site brings reading and writing skills to life in a fun-filled, easy child-friendly manner while developing your child’s computer skills. will captivate your child’s imagination and make reading and writing time with your child an even more special, exciting experience.

Products and Features include:
Big Universe Reader™ - Read hundreds of fiction and nonfiction children's books from today's best publishers and take optional quizzes to assess comprehension.
~Over 1,000 titles to choose from with new books being added regularly.
~Instant access to both fiction and nonfiction colorful picture books online published by today’s best children’s books publishers.
~Easy to use browse and search features to locate books designed for your child’s reading level and interests.
~Browse books by grade, age, reading level, topic interest, category, and/or language.
~Research school projects using quality nonfiction books.
~Have 24/7 instant access, anywhere-anytime (e.g. on vacation, at home) to new reading material for your child.
~Quizzes available to assess your child's comprehension level.
~Books are available in 13 languages for those who are fluent in many languages or just learning to read in a new foreign language.

Big Universe Author™ - Create, print & publish animated e-books using an easy-to-use writing tool and 7000+ images.
~Children can create their very own books with illustrations using our easy to follow step-by-step online guide.
~Inspire and motivate young authors by giving them the tools real authors use.
~Child created books can be submitted privately to parent accounts.
~Your child’s' published books can be shared with family members and friends regardless of where they live.
~Hundreds of creative tools, colors and picture icons at your child’s fingertip’s to help ~create the perfect illustration to go with your child’s imagination.

Big Universe Community™ - Safely share your bookshelf, recommendations and published books with your peers only or thousands of other members.
~Store your child’s favorite books on his/her very own online bookshelf.
~Easily view the most current popular books rated by other members.
~Organize your favorite books on a virtual bookshelf to read again and again.
~Recommend your favorite books to family members and online friends.
~With our highly advanced technological IT security system, you can safely and easily add family members and friends to “follow” their reading activities.

My Thoughts:
I think that reading is Very Important!!!! I loved to read to my children when they were younger. Now, We enjoy reading together. My tween daughter loves to read!!! I have to make her put down a book at night or eles she would never sleep. On the other hand, my 8 year old son doesn't enjoy reading so much. I think that it's because he still finds it alittle challenging. So, I am trying to help him improve his reading skills and I hope he will "love" to read.
I have found this great website, .
I have been on this site, looking around and checking things out. Then my children have tested this site out. They both enjoyed it. I love that you can browse so many ways. By category, my interest age, by reading level, etc. This really makes it helpful to choose a book quickly or find just the right book. I have found that my daughter can use this site for researching facts for a school project, or just enjoy reading a fun book. I love that after reading a story, you can take a quiz. This is great to see how well your child followed along and understood what they read. There is so much you can do on this educational website. My children have so much to explore and look forward to visiting this website again. I know they are looking forward to creating and printing their own book.
I think that teachers,parents and children all will agree,that this is a Great Website.

Check it out for yourself!!! With a Free 3 day Trial.

The fees are reasonable, starting at $6.95/month. Check out the different plans offered. Special Offer 20% off when code SPOFR20 is used.

*Disclosure: I was given a six month subscription to become familiar with and use The opinions and results are my own and were not affected by the subscription I received*

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