Monday, October 26, 2009

Necco Review

Just in Time with Halloween coming, and Candy on all of our minds, I had the opportunity to review Necco Wafers. I love candy so when I received a bag of these in the mail, I was excited. The kids couldn't wait to have some of these.
In the 11oz package you get 23 jr.size rolls. This was enough for the kids and I to try these and hopefully we have some left to share.(I'm offering to share or I would end up eating them all) I received the All Natural Original (7 great flavors) I really liked these. I wish that they had the flavors listed so you knew which colored ones were which flavor though. I didn't see that on the bag or on each individual one. I guess you just have to go with your taste and hope that you like each flavor. I like the cinnamon flavored and orange the best. Necco Wafers do come in a variety of different flavors.
The assorted flavors include Orange, Lemon, Chocolate, Clove, Cinnamon, Wintergreen and Licorice. My son liked these all except the licorice. They offer chocolate wafers with 4 great flavors (milk,dark,white and Mocha) My daughter is a chocolate lover, so she prefers this kind. They also offer SmartFuits with real fruit and antioxidants. Flavors include Raspberry+Acai, Lemon+Goji, Pomegranate+Goji, and Blueberry+Acai. They have a new one called Necco Smoothie wafers which combines the classic wafer with the taste of a smoothie drink. My son wants me to buy him the Smoothie ones to try. We all liked these Necco Wafers and they are a fat free candy treat. I know I will see more of these candies in our Halloween goody bags. People have enjoyed these since 1847.

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Colleen said...

the smoothie ones do sound good...and the fruit and antioxidant ones I am gonna have to look for sounds like a good candy and I bet zach would like them.