Friday, October 16, 2009

Flew By Friday

Today Flew By. Faster than usual. Today I had a very busy day. My son had a Doctor's appointment that took forever. Then we went to lunch. And that was sooo Good!! We went to my son's favorite place-Spaghetti warehouse. I think that Connor ate 2 loaves of bread himself. Their bread is the best!!! Then he ate their Italian Wedding Soup which is Awesome too. Then he took about three bites of his spaghetti and meatballs-which meant leftovers. That doesn't bother me. This means less cooking. I had Chicken Parm and took over half of my lunch home. (but that didn't last too long w/ hubby home)And he even went to lunch with us.
Then after Kylee was home from school we went and signed her up for IceSkating. This is something she wants to try. The nice thing is they offer rental skates so I'm not buying her any right now. I want to see if this is something she's going to continue to like before I buy her a Good pair. So, the skating lessons don't start until Nov. 2nd so I am going to take her to the open public skating hopefully this Sunday. I don't think I will be trying this though. The last time I wore skates, the blades felt like they were going right through my foot. I'm not very good anyways and I don't really feel like hurting my back anymore than it is. Good Excuse... Hopefully Kylee will like iceskating but if she doesn't... At least she got a good experience. I will never force my child to play a sport, they can chose what they would like to try. But I will force them to continue playing through their season/session or commitment. If they don't like it-they don't have to do it again but they are not quitting in the middle of the season. I'm trying to teach them good habits and make them responsible.

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Frugal Vicki said...

Okay, I checked out your other blog today and it has me laughing! You are too funny! We used to have (may still have??? don't know) the old Spaghetti Factory that sounds a lot like the place you are talking about. It was in an old train station, with the actual old trains still there! I loved that place. I think I am about to google and see if they are still here.