Friday, October 9, 2009

Fitness Friday

Here we go again. This week flew by and maybe you seen me flying too. And that wasn't me riding my broom. LOL It was me using the new Wii Fit Plus and its so much fun. I hope you didn't see me, I look funny and I feel like a dork but I can tell you that me arms felt like I was flying. I am talking about Bird's-Eye Bull's-Eye one on the Training Plus section. This is a good workout for the arms. I can feel them toning up already. I also like the new Perfect 10 one. For this one you have to use your brain doing math and moving your hips to add the numbers. I like that I have to think and move at the same time- this can be challenging and help with the multi-tasking. I think this will be good for the kids too. And hopefully help with their math skills. Another fun one my kids have been doing alot is the Obstacle Course. Kylee just loves this one and She is getting a good workout. She is having so much fun doing this that she didn't even realize how long she was playing. She liked beating her own score and so I tried doing this one this morning and I liked it. But I hate to say this...She kicked my butt..But she did this way more. So, I guess I need to practice and beat her. I guess maybe tonight we can have a family game night with some good competition. I will need to practice alittle more before the kids get home from school. So, I guess you know where I'll be. ( Not sitting on the couch -eatting bon-bons and watching my soap opera) LOL -


Colleen said...

I bet you still watched your soap opera didnt you?

Anonymous said...

I want a Wii fit so bad! Good to know they are actually good for working out. I have an award for you over at The MamaZone. Here's a direct link: Hope you'll stop by and pick it up.