Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Keep My Family Happy by Spending Time With Them

I love Spending Time with my Family!!! Sometimes, with our busy schedules, we don't always get as much quality time with each other, but we always try.

Luckily, my family enjoys many activities that we all can do together. Right now,we are starting BaseBall Season. My husband coaches our children's ball teams and loves spending time outside playing ball together. He helps them improve their skills and they love playing baseball and spending time with Daddy! This usually is their special time together.

I get to have the special time with my daughter at cheerleading practice every Sunday. Since I'm the Tumbling and Cheer Coach, I get to spend some fun time with her too. We enjoy having our girl talk on the car ride there and back. My son and I get to spend quality time reading together every night and doing homework. We also enjoy just talking about what happened in school that day. Usually he tells me more about his friends and fun activities they did, rather than what he learned that day.

In the Summer, we spend even more time together. We love going to Camp, Boating, WaterSkiing and Fishing. We have the best times!!! I'm usually the Boat Driver while Daddy is the WaterSkiing Coach. He loves to Waterski himself. Last Summer the kids had the best time while all three of them waterskied at the same time. It was pretty Cool and of course super funny when Daddy fell first! ( He blames that on me driving too fast and while he was on trick skis.) We also enjoy swimming together with our Dogs in the lake too. Then we love to cook dinner together and having snacks and roasting marshmellows by the campfire are the best.

Don't forget Vacation Time. We love go to amusement parks and have special fun days. We enjoy singing in the car on the way there and talking about all the fun things we want to do. We love going new places and trying new things, it's even better doing it all together.

When its Fall, the kids love to go Goose and Duck Hunting with Daddy too. I don't usually go though. But no worries... I get to spend lots of time with the kids.
We love to go for walks and bike riding too.

In the Winter while the weather outside is cold, we like to stay in and have a Family Game Night. We enjoy playing board games as well as playing the Wii and Dancing. No matter how much time, we get to have fun together, my kids are pretty lucky and are very happy kids.

It's easy to have fun and spend time with my family. I love them all and I'm pretty lucky!! It doesn't matter how much time we get together or what activity we are doing- we just love spending the time together!! I hope that never changes.

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