Monday, March 14, 2011

Dreaming about Remodeling

I'm sitting here, Wishing I would win the Lottery! So many wishes, I have for our house. We are thinking about remodeling the kitchen but we need to save some money first!! That's going to cost too much. Right now, we just ordered a new front door and we are going to put new ceramic tile down and paint the entrance. Then I'm going to paint the living room and hallway. I haven't really made up my mind on what color I want to paint it though. Right now, it's light blue and white sponged painted but I'm thinking of going solid again, just not sure what color. We have tan colored furniture now, so I have alot of options- I think I need to get some paint swatches and decide. I'm hoping to get this all done before the kids have spring break in April.
But, right now we do most of our entertaining downstairs. My husband just finished the basement and we have a nice party room. We've held a few big parties and it works out really nice. We have lots of lighting, we went with Recessed Lighting and it's always bright downstairs. It really drove me nuts, when it dark and gloomy in there before. The only downfall is we still need to finish and put a bathroom in down there still. But, right now, I can live with people having to go upstairs to use one of the other bathrooms. Although, a shower downstairs for washing the dogs would be nice. I guess... I better keep dreaming!

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