Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outlast Mommy Party

Germs are Everywhere!!! ... We need to protect ourselves..Good Hand Hygiene is a Must!!!
I was given the opportunity to host a MomSelect Mommy Party sponsored by Outlast Long-lasting Hand Sanitizer to help teach Moms & Kids the importance of good hand hygiene. (I can not show you pictures of this event due to camera trouble and lost pictures.)But.. I wanted to share this important information with all of You.

Good hand hygiene is a Must!! Healthcare specialist agree that hand washing is the most important way to prevent disease. When soap and water are not available then an alcohol based hand sanitizer should be used.
During my party, Children learned how easily germs can spread by playing simple games. They also were taught the proper hand washing technique and learned about Outlast long-lasting sanitizer. Moms were happy to find out more about Outlast hand sanitizer and feel better knowing their child will be more protected from harmful bacteria and germs while using this product.

Outlast Long-lasting Hand Sanitizer controls germs instantly and works for up to Six Hours. Most leading hand sanitizers usually only work for 2 minutes. And knowing that some bacteria can live on surfaces such as school desks for up to two hours, I'm reassured that my child will be protected from these germs at school and anywhere when he uses Outlast Hand Sanitizer. Outlast Hand Sanitizer is not rough on your hands, it has moisturizers and leaves your hands silky not sticky.

To find out more about Outlast Long-lasting Hand Sanitizer and/or purchase yours today, please visit

*Disclosure: I was given a Party Pack courtesy of MomSelect and Outlast to host a Outlast Mommy Party *

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