Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Internet Service

Living in the country is great... EXCEPT... when we don't get the internet. We've been without service for most of the day (yesterday). And for no apparent reason. The weather was beautiful here, our internet provider had no clue what was wrong.
They thought that maybe it had something to do with my connection but my neighbor didn't have service either. Nor did friends of our who lived over 5 miles away.
So... anyways I've got service again. Hopefully- its fixed and it will work all day. This makes me much happier, although today I have a busy schedule and won't find much time to use the internet today.

Fyi... I went to our families camp this past weekend. We had a great time there. It's about an 1 1/2 hour drive from home, on a private little lake. It's really beautiful there, so calm and peaceful. Except for... There's No internet Connection!! Hey... I'm happy there's running water and a bathroom there. Years ago there wasn't. The times have changed! and We are getting so spoiled!!

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sharonjo said...

Oh yes, I live in the country too! (Way, way out in the country!!) Our internet service is pretty reliable, but sometimes it's so slow I want to pull my hair out. We pay for DSL but usually get something that more approaches dial-up speed. Oh well, the perks of country life more than make up for it I guess!