Thursday, August 26, 2010

Five Simple Things You can Do for Your Child to Help Keep their Smiles Healthy & Bright

#1: Brush: Remind your children to brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time, using no more than a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste.
Tip: For younger children- have an adult brush their teeth or help them brush. Proper brushing is important. Set a timer and make sure that your children are brushing long enough.
#2: Floss: Have children gently floss once a day to remove food that can get stuck between their teeth and sticky plaque that forms on their teeth. Brushing alone cannot reach all of the surfaces on a tooth.
My children's dentist says that this is just as important as brushing.
#3: Eat Healthy: Nutritious foods are an important part of keeping children’s smiles healthy and their teeth strong.
#4: Routine Dental Visits : Remember to get regular dental check-ups. Have you children visit a dentist twice a year to make sure that they are taking good care of their teeth and gums.
#5: Only Chew Sugar Free Gum: Chewing Trident sugar free gum for 20 minutes after a meal can help fight cavities. (Xylitol, a sugar free sweetener in Trident, has been shown to loosen plaque.) Trident is available in 11 great flavors so kids have lots to choose from!

About Trident® Sugar Free Gum
Trident gum has long been a pioneer in providing oral health benefits to consumers. Trident was the first gum brand of its kind to undergo testing in 1967 with studies showing that people who chewed Trident experienced significantly fewer cavities. Trident is available in 11 great-tasting flavors: Original Flavor, Bubble Gum, Spearmint, Tropical Twist, Watermelon Twist, Wild Blueberry Twist, Minty Sweet Twist, Passionberry Twist, Wintergreen, Strawberry Twist and Cinnamon. All flavors can be purchased in 18-piece packs and 54-piece multi-packs (three 18-piece packages).

About Smiles Across America® (SAA)
SAA is a signature program created by Oral Health America, a national non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives by connecting communities with resources to increase access to care, education and advocacy around oral health. SAA improves the health of elementary school students by supporting oral disease prevention services in school-based or school-linked settings, and demonstrating to communities that healthy mouths are integral to overall health. For more information, visit

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