Friday, December 4, 2009

The Most Surprising Gift I received

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I'm still waiting for that Shiny New Car *Hint Hint* LOL
I love the gifts the kids make me at school. They really mean alot to me. I especially love the Christmas Wreath made out of my sons handprints and the Reindeer my daughter made from her foot and handprints. These gifts I have treasured and love and I look forward to more handmade gifts from my kids.
The most surprising gift I received was my mother~child necklace my husband had gotten me for Christmas one year. It is beautifu and has my childrens' birthstones in it. I was surprised when I got this. I think that my Mother may have helped him pick this out or made sure it had the right birthstones in it, but it was my husbands idea. That's what is so surprising. I never even mentioned that I would like a necklace like this or anything. This necklace means alot to me and I still love to wear it. I like to wear this necklace out especially if I'm going to be away from my kids. This makes me feel like they are still with me all the time. I think I must have gotten this necklace about 5 years ago and I can't remember getting a gift that I treasure more,
Except for Love and the gift of my Family.
Merry Christmas and I hope You get that surprise You're waiting for this Year.

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Too Many Hats said...

What a sweet gift and one you will treasure for a lifetime. My most surprising gift was given to me by my soon to be husband the night before our wedding - he gave me a necklace and earring set that I wore for our wedding. This was totally unexpected and so very special.