Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cookies and Cheap Cookie Cutters Review


Doesn't this look like fun? This is picture is of my kids, my nephew and Grandpa decorating Christmas Cookies. They had so much fun. This was a nice family event.
Not shown, is Gramma, my sister and myself. We were busy making all the cookie dough and baking. The kids had so much fun decorating and eating the cookies.
Thanks to Chris from, who gave me four tin Christmas cookie cutters to try out. I really liked these cookie cutters. They worked really good. Even the kids used these without any problems. They have a large variety of Christmas Cookie Cutters., including a cross and the Navity Scene.
Now, after the Holidays are over... Don't forget that Cookie Cutters make a Great Gift Year Round and everyone loves cookies for any occasion.
Disney Lovers, check out these cookie cutters including Mickey, Tigger and Cinderella's Castle. These cookie cutters would make the best treats for those special Disney themed Birthday parties. Do you love Dinosaurs? Check out all the Dinosaur cookie cutters. My son would love dinosaur cookies and brownies for a special treat.

*Everyone loves cookie cutters, and everyone loves inexpensive/cheap products which is why Cheap Cookie Cutters was created. Whether you’re looking for that perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift or whether you’re looking just for yourself, Cheap Cookie Cutters is your one stop shop for all you cookie cutter needs*

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Colleen said...

ahh look at Dad...glad everyone got involved! Wish we could have been there too and Dad could be laughing at Zach eating all the frosting!