Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today's 09/09/09

I was just wondering how many people realized today's date? ... 09/09/09...
When do you think that will happen again.?. (Not for quite a while)
I Hope it's a Lucky Day for everyone.
I was just getting back to you to let you know that my kids first day of school went really good. Can you believe that Connor told me his least favorite thing about school was lunch. He said it's because he doesn't care to eat. I bet that will change when he gets abit older. Who doesn't like to eat? He doesn't get that from me or his father. lol Connor was so tired last night though...I wonder why. Tonight I bet he will be too. He has Soccer practice so I'm sure he'll be extra tired. Kylee is enjoying school too. She loves seeing her friends. This morning she didn't get up as early. But she still had plenty of time. We are getting our routine down. I hope...
Well, I've got alot to do, so I'll share some more later.

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