Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Connor's First Day of Second Grade

Connor was excited to go back to school. He couldn't wait. Ever since we went school shopping, he's been excited to wear his new clothes. He is looking forward to seeing his new teacher and making new friends. Last night he has a hard time falling asleep and was up early this morning. He woke up a few times and I had to make him go back to bed. Then around 7:45 he got up and took his shower. He was so anxious he didn't want breakfast. I did manage to get some Orange Juice in him but he wouldn't eat anything. I hope he doesn't get hungry. Although, he has Cheerio's for a snack and brought a good lunch. Then I expecting him to eat a few cookies I made for him as a special treat. It's a tradition that I've kept making cookies for the kids on their first day of school. I was picture happy this morning and took alot of pictures. He still wants me to wait for the bus with him. And so I did and I took many pictures; the sun was out and he's squinting in most of them though. Here they are:

I hope he has a Really Good Day. I can't wait to hear all about school when he gets home. I'll let you know how things went tomorrow.

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Colleen said...

he looks so grown up! Hope he is having a good day!