Friday, September 11, 2009

Fitness Friday

I'm back. It's been quite a while since I've posted and participated in this. I really don't have alot to tell you. I love the WiiFit and have been back to doing it again on a regular basis. I have maintained my weight loss of the 20 some pounds I lost since the beginning on the new year but I can't seem to get rid of these last 5 pounds I've wanted to lose. Then Again... I haven't really been trying Too hard either. I guess I have been eating to much junk food. I'm exercising but not eating as healthy as I can. But that would ruin all my fun. Who doesn't like to eat ice cream and brownies? I do. I just need to eat them in moderation. I know what I have to do I just haven't been trying too. So that's my bad. I will get better I hope. I need to start increasing my workouts and less of working that fork into my mouth. LOL I can't really complain too much. I hope all of you are sticking with it and reaching your goals. I hope that next week I will have more to tell you. I do want to let you know...That I love the WiiFit so much and people have noticed my 20 pounds weight loss. I really wasn't that much overweight to start with so 20 pounds for me was good. I dropped a few sizes and toned up. I think I'm looking pretty good. Of course, we can never truely be satisfied(at least I can't)So anyways, Since my Sister Colleen and I have been doing the Wiifit and we lost weight and are looking Good. Colleen's lost over 40 pounds. You check her story out here. Now... Our family members want to too. I am telling you this because "We Inspired them". They went out and bought the Wii and the WiiFit. And that's 4 different families. I'm happy that they want to get fit too. Yeah for us all and keep hula hooping. I'll be back next week.


Colleen said...

Wii are an inspiration arent Wii! Hopefully our whole family will get hula hooping and losing! Maybe we should start a blog and ask them to join and we could be the "its all about Mii and my Wii family" group lol! Hey I like that title...I think we should do that. (dont anyone go stealing my title now lol)

Julie@Momspective said...

You and your sister continue to inspire me. I've been eating TERRIBLY but am using the new Active 5K to motivate myself.

Real Life Sarah said...

Way to go, Shawn! What an inspiration you two are! Glad you're back!!