Monday, September 21, 2009

Are Your children eating Fruits and Veggies ?

This is quite a topic. I know that our family is trying to eat healthier as most families are trying to do more of these days. I'm pretty lucky to say that my kiddos like to eat fruits and vegetables, but for many parents that is a problem. This is why Horizon Little Blends and TwitterMoms have joined forces to create a fun and easy blogging contest. They want to know how moms make sure their kids are eating all their fruits and veggies, even if they have to sneak them into their food! What are your tips, tricks and advice for getting your kids to eat their fruits and veggies? We want to hear from you! If you are one of the first 100 moms to enter the contest you will automatically get prizes for yourself and your readers! Please visit their site to find out to you can participate.
These are my thoughts and tips:
I know that is is important to start your little ones off eating healthy right from the beginning. You should also set a good example. Children like to do what others are doing and parents are very good role-models. My daughter loves to eat fruits and veggies more than my son does. So sometime I need to get tricky and help him realize just how much he just loves the fruits and veggies. Sometimes I add blueberries to pancakes to sweeten them up or top them with fresh strawberries instead of syrup. I love to make zucchini bread and the kids don't even realize that there's veggies in it. Also, my daughter loves to eat carrots,cucumbers and celery but she likes to dip them in ranch dressing. I don't care...because she's eating her veggies. If your child refuses to eat fruits or veggies you may want to puree carrots, sweet potatoes,etc and hide them in other foods that are the same colors,this way they don't know. Another way is to add applesauce to your cakes instead of oil. You can't even notice the difference. And kids love smoothies and shakes-sneak in some fruits and veggies and they have a healthy treat. We really need to get our children to eat healthy. Please feel free to leave me your tips and enter this contest. And try out Little Blends.

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Flory said...

I am one of the fortunate ones that does not have to force fruits and veggies on her kids. I never have to hide or sneak them either. My kids watch what I eat, get curious, and try it. I guess that's the trick. Eat healthy in front of them, and don't give up trying a food with them. Also, get them involved. My three years old like to cut veggies up with their hands or mixing food in a bowl. Have fun!