Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Slip-On Dancers Review

Save money!!! No need to buy special dance shoes!!! Thanks to Slip-On Dancers.


Slip-On Dancers give you the power of adjustable traction. They fit on regular shoes in seconds, may help reduce the risk of twisting knee injuries, and allow your hips to move more freely.

Most Cross Trainers and Running or Walking Shoes have large'grips' in the ball of the foot providing traction. In Latin dancing, however, there is more hip movement. If the foot stays gripped to the floor because of the shoe tread, the knee can be twisted. No need to worry about that anymore.
Thanks to Slip-On Dancers that gives you the power of adjustable traction and fits on your shoes in seconds. It may also help reduce the risk of twisting knee injuries and allow your hip to move more freely.

The Slip-On Dancer was designed by a University scientist and Dance Fitness Instructor to make tennis shoes easier to use in fitness classes that require shoes to slide across the floor. Slip-On Dancers are specially designed to smooth the offending treads in the "Spin-Spot", allowing you to slide and spin as if you had on expensive dance shoes.

These are great to use!!! So easy and much cheaper to buy these rather than specialty dance shoes. I tried these out and love them. I put the slip-on Dancers over my regular sneakers and put in my Zumba DVD. I had a great experience. I was able to twist great and move more freely. They fit snug and secure and are very comfortable to wear. They are made in the USA and are made very well. The Slip-on Dancers are easy to care for as you can just hand wash them and line dry every 2-3 Weeks as needed. I would highly recommend these.

Order online,these come in two styles to suit your surface. They have Carpet Dancers that have a wider design to make dancing on carpet easier on the knees.
The Smooth Dancers are best for smooth surfaces like wood,linoleum,or rubber. Both styles are available in a variety of colors to give your shoes some style. These sell for $10.49 to 13.49 which is much cheaper than buying dancing shoes. Buy them for yourself or these make a great gift.

*Disclosure: I was sent the Slip-On Dancers for the purpose of this review. This is my honest thoughts and opinion.*

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