Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pup Light - Safety Flashlight for Dogs (Review)

This is for all the Animal Lovers... A great Product!!


PupLight a must-have dog safety product, is lighting the way for dog-lovers everywhere.

The powerful LED flashlight fits on your dog’s collar and is perfect for those evening walks. Not only are you and your dog safer, because you can be seen easily in the dark, but you’ll find it faster to do those nightly “doggy doo” clean up chores. What’s more, you can locate your dog even off leash, because PupLight Illuminates 200 feet forward and 70 feet on either side.

Other benefits of Puplight:

~Makes you and your dog visible to traffic at night
~Walkers with unfriendly dogs see you coming and move away avoiding unwanted confrontation Frightens away wild animals – skunks, possums and coyotes
~Helps many dogs with failing vision to see better
~Lights your path so you can see a potential hazard to you or your dog
~Only dog light that uses AAA batteries so it's much less expensive to use over time when compared to other lighted dog products.
~And much more... Check out for all the benefits

My Thoughts:
This is a great product!!! I highly recommend this!!! This is great for dogs of all ages including puppies. This comes with an easy on and easy off adjustable elastic band so it's easy to use. The collar is not attached to the leash so the light stays focused forward. My 6 month old pup actually likes this collar and the light can be added/removed if you don't want it on all the time. There are so many benefits to this. PupLight helps to keep your pet safe and is definitely worth the money!

The PupLight sells for $19.95 and can be purchased at all 1,000 PETCOs and many Pet Supplies Plus stores or online here.

*Disclosure: I received the PupLight for the purpose of this review. This is my honest thoughts and opinion.*

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