Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MyExtra Gum Review ~Show off Your Gum!

Contents of no two are the same! Sure, we might all tote along the essentials in our purses but from the shade of our lip gloss to the shape of our wallet, we show our individuality and personal preferences. So in a world of customization and originality, why should our packs of gum look the same?

Wrigley believes they shouldn't have to! Which is why they're introducing MyExtra, their first-ever custom packaging offer! By visiting www.MyExtraGum.com, you can create your very own Extra® gum package design, including a personalized message and photo. Think how much fun it would be to show off your vacation photos when your friend requests gum! And since most Moms carry around photos anyway, why not get that daily dose of cuteness when you are freshening your breath? MyExtra packs also make great favors for special occasions like weddings, baby showers and birthday parties.

My husband is going to hit the Big 40, July 1st!! So check out this out...

(My picture shown here isn't the best.--This was taken on my cell phone) The quality of the picture and wording on my gum is actually alot clearer.

I had these made for him as party favors. Isn't this great? I love it!!!
Since, I received this before his birthday I couldn't wait to show it off. At our kids baseball party (this past weekend), I offered gum to our friends and showed off Pete and his special birthday on my gum. My friends thought this was cool!!! They love the idea of personalizing and customizing your own gum. I will do this again. I think this would be great for any special occasion and it makes a unique gift or party favor. The Packaging is so cute that you might not even want to chew the gum. What a great keepsake this makes too.

It's pretty easy to do. Just choose a theme, add a photo, draft a message and pick your flavor. The custom Slim Pack™ contain 15 sticks of Extra sugar-free gum and are available in Extra Peppermint, Spearmint and Sweet Watermelon.

MyExtra is a fun and fresh spin on an already great product! Make yours today!

*Disclosure: I received the opportunity to create MyExtra Gum free for the purpose of this review Thanks to MomSelect and Wrigley's.*

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