Monday, June 6, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Ok... I have been slacking!!! Big Time Too! I am not too proud of myself and I need to get my motivation back.
I have gained weight ...
Last Summer I weighed about 10 pounds less and I felt way better about myself. I know that its because of my lack of exercise and good eating habits. So- Today- I've gotta get back to that weight. I noticed that my summer clothes from last year are alittle tighter and I'm not as toned!
So... I'm going to start back in my good exercise routine and Eating. To do that-I need to get my motivation back. That's what I love about Mamavation.

Today's Carnival Question is sponsored by Omron Healthcare.

What gaps in your nutrition knowledge do you want to fill?
My answer:
I want to make sure that I'm eating all the right stuff and I'm trying to eat a balanced diet. I love to eat sweet stuff but really need to cut the Soda.

This post is sponsored by Omron Healthcare and I’m writing this to be entered into a Omron Go Smart Pedometer giveaway hosted by Mamavation .


Gena said...

Motivation is hard sometimes. I struggle with that. I just need to be motivated but with life being so hectic, it's hard! Good luck with it!!!

Katie said...

You can do it and we're all here to help support you!

Beth M said...

I am recommitting too. Those summer shorts that fit nice last year are not fitting this year ... back to it! good luck!

Colleen said...

I am starting back up with the wii fit...want to compete again?

Owen's Mom said...

I have done a bit of sliding this past week myself. But, the good thing is we can both get started making better choices today. I am looking forward to hearing from Alysa also. She is great!
Have a great week.

Grace Matthews said...

Glad to see hat your back. It's good that you recognize you felt better when you were eating healthier. That will help you stay on track.

Laila said...

Glad to hear you are ready to get back on track! Best of luck to you this week!