Monday, June 13, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Goodbye 39... in a few hours I officially will be 40 years old!! So--> I am not just going to Wish for Health! I'm going to make it happen!! (I wish that I had lost those pounds that I never should have gained back!) But.. Now I have to get back in Game and start living a healthy life.

My Balance Board hasn't been working :( But no more using that as an excuse!
Thank You to my parents for the Birthday Gift! YEAH!!! I got a new Balance Board and started back into my Good morning routine. I weighed in (gained 2 pounds but I haven't weighed in, in about 8 weeks) and I had ice cream cake and cupcakes yesterday. Well- you gotta eat it, if it's for You. So, this morning I did my Wii Fit Workout. I had great success losing weight and getting back in shape doing the wiifit before so I'm going to do that again.
My routine today was the 10 minute hula hoop, step aerrobics 2x then the 6 minute boxing. I did ok, but realized how much out of shape I was. I used kick butt hula hooping and today i didn't even get a score close to 10th place, but I did it and will be doing this routine regularly.
Colleen_Mouse and I are going to start a Wiifit Competition!! This is going to be Great Motivation for both of us!
This will encourage us both to use the wiifit to do our exercise routines and help us to reach our weight loss goals while having a friendly little competition. Anyone eles want to join us?

This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Together Counts.

Question: How often do you and your family eat meals together and get active together?

Answer: We eat meals together when ever we can. Which due to my work schedule and the kids sports schedules, varies depending on what that weekly schedule is. We eat a Sunday meal every week and during the week we try our best. On the days, I'm not working we eat meals together more but when the kids both have different ball schedules usually they just eat when they time or on the run. We get active together more often, usually my husband is practicing baseball with the kids and get them warmed up before their ball games. He coaches Connor's baseball team. Kylee and I get active together on Sunday's during Tumbling practice for her competitive cheerleading. (Helps that I'm one of the tumbling coaches.)

This post is sponsored by Together Counts and I’m writing this to be entered into a Qlip Any-where Pedometer giveaway hosted by Mamavation .


Shelley said...

Happy Birthday! and WTG on getting back on track! A wiifit competition sounds fun and having a partner helps to stay on track...a t least for me :)

Great job!

kia said...

Happy Birthday! You and Colleen's Wiifit Competition sounds awesome - work that way to your ideal health.

Colleen said...

You old fart!!! (okk sistas I can say that cause she is my real sister lol...and she is older than me lmao)

That is right we are doing a Wii fit hula hoop challenge...if anyone wants to join in I am posting on my Wii blog I am challenging myself and others to do the 10 minute super hula hoop once a day for this month. Shawn and I do it and see who gets the highest score...She of course has me beat....but I am trying my best.

Shawn your present is on its way...and lets say I am glad you got a new balance board cause I am pretty sure you need it for your gift! Love ya...wish I could be there for your bday!

Cindy said...

Happy 40th! We have so much fun with the wifit.