Monday, January 31, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Ok...I need to Just Do it!! I am really stuck here. Since, the Beginning of January, I have been trying to eat healthy and include more exercise daily. I've been doing just OK. I'm happy that I have not gained any weight. As of Today , I weigh exactly the same as I did on Jan 3rd. I've lost a few and gained a few pounds over the month, and really haven't made any progress. Well... Spring is going to be here before I know. I must get moving!!! My goal is to lose 13 pounds and I really want to tone up. I could really use a pair of Earth Footwear sneakers to help me tone as I walk.

This week's blogging carnival's Question is: What does “wellness” mean to you?
Answer: This answer may vary for many of us! For me, Wellness means Getting Healthly... This means I need to eat good foods like fruits and veggies and Exercise. Also, I need to have good sleep and a good mind set.

I'm going to get more motivated!!! Febraury...I'm going to see results!!!


Laura said...

You can do this!

kia said...

Good luck seeing some results in February. Own this month.

Lena said...

Need help? Let me know. Just start working it in small steps few pounds at a time

Owen's Mom said...

There is still time before spring to lose that 13 lbs! I know you have it in you. I am not a big loser, and have to fight for every pound. I know that I have to just keep at it and push myself farther.

Good luck to you and have a great week!

Colleen said...

It will be so much easier once this yucky weather leaves. More sun, more energy! Plus your whole family is so much more active once you can get outdoors more. Go run through those snowbanks and you will have legs of steel lol!