Monday, January 3, 2011

Mamavation Monday


Happy New Year!!! It's time to make a New Years Resolution!! As most people want to include losing weight as their resolution...Mine is going to include a Healthy Me. I am going to get back into my good habits by eating healthy and exercising.

My goal is to lose those 10 pounds that I still haven't lost along with the extra 3 pounds I've gained over the holiday season.

For me to do this... I am going to EAT HEALTHY. First of All- I need to drink more water. (I was really good and cut out soda, then I started drinking it again.) S0- For now, I'm going to slowly get rid of it, otherwise I will crave it. I am going to not give up sweets or junk food completely- just eat it in moderation. My big thing is that I need to start eating breakfast and little small snacks or meals throughout the day (this will help to speed up my metabolism). Then no eating after I come home from working at the Gym. I did this before and had great results until I started slacking and to be honest I really haven't been eating much at all-- just all the wrong stuff. I'm going back to my good habits!!

I'm going to need to include EXERCISE in my daily routine. I've tried alot of different workouts and I still love working out at home. Fun exercise seems to work good for me. I need to be careful and not over due it or my body seems to pay for it. I will start out slowly and get back into the swing of things to avoid hurting my back and shoulders again.

This Weeks Blogging Carnival is sponsored by Game Stop and they will also be the star in the Twitter Party on Wednesday 1/5.

This weeks question is: What are ways you can work out without having to leave the house? This is easy for me to answer, because I love to workout at home. I love to include the WiiFit into my exercise routine along with other fun wii games like the EA Sports Active and Just Dance Game. I also like to do workout videos and Zumba at home.

Today... I started out Good!! I used the WiiFitPlus to weigh in... I am in the Normal Range, but it says a healthy weight for me is a BMI of 22. So, fo me ... I set my goal to lose 13 pounds in 3 months. That's 2 pounds a week. This should be a good reachable goal.
So... I did a 25 minute workout, inlcuding the 10 minute Hula Hooping and Step Aerobics. ( I'm starting here- then I will be adding in more. ) I think that Hula Hooping for me really works! It seems to work all my problem areas.
I had a bagel for breakfast and then I had a banana about 2 hours later.
Not sure what I'm having for lunch or dinner but I am including More Water!!!

I'm hoping to see good results this year. I love all the support that Mamavation gives to all of us, no matter if our weight lose goal is to lose 100 pounds or 10 pounds.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have great goals and a healthy plan!
(and you totally just reminded me to go fill up my water bottle!)

Owen's Mom said...

Ooo... Hula Hooping sounds like fun. It is a skill, oddly enough, I would like to wow my kiddos with. Is that on the Wii Fit? I haven't found that activity yet.

I wish you the best on your journey to lose. Sounds like you have a great game plan. You have more self control than me, I always need a recovery food... banana half or handful of almonds after a work out.

Happy New Year and hope you have a great week with your goals.

elenka29 said...

Small steps are good, so you and your body can get used to it. New Year - new start!

Shelley (@momma_oz) said...

LOVe the Hula Hooping on the Wii Fit - and my kiddos are always impressed... of course, when I tried to dazzle them with real-world Hula Hoop skills... well, that didn't go as well HA!

Sounds like you've got some great goals! Good luck this week :)

~Lori~ said...

Fantastic goals! You can do this!!!

Katie aka Sailors Princess said...

good luck with working towards your goals, sounds like you have a great game plan.

Stephen and Amanda O'Dair blog said...

I love that you said a healthier you! That is something that I have been saying as well. Its not about the lbs as it is mylife style! I need to change that! I know you will be able to start this year off right with a bang!

gretablau said...

I have hardly ever lost 2 pounds a week! Very cool goal.

Also, it's good to take it slowly, not that I ever do...were you on Mamavation TV last night? Leah was talking about making slow changes for lasting changes.

Good luck!

kia said...

Baby steps and patience are especially crucial when you are so close. How about those 3 holiday pounds first and that water? You will be lean and strong soon. Best of luck!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

You know what to do and your goals reflect that. Stay focused. Concentrate on what you can do TODAY that will move you closer to your goal. You can do it!! Here's to a Healthy You! *clinks water glass*