Monday, January 10, 2011

Mamavation Monday


So far... Things are going pretty good. I did good this week getting back into my good habits. Cut back on soda, I know this is my big downfall, even though its Diet soda, I know its still bad. My eating healthy is going pretty good, although I could have done better. I know I had some craving with having PMS I will blame it on that. So, next week, I will have a weight loss. My exercise, has been going good. It's sad though that I could feel it already. I was alittle sore.
This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Salonpas, and the Question is: Have you ever been injured starting a new exercise routine? Tell us about it…If not, do you get any aches and pains? Where?
My Answer: I have old injuries, from years of competive gymnastics--my back and shoulders bother me.(With and without exercise) So, I am pretty careful about starting new exercise routines, I try to take things slow and not overdue it. If I do something that bothers me too much, then I just try to motive the exercise or do something comparable. Usually Advil and the HotTub helps me feel better.

Next week... I will have better results. Stay Tuned...


Marie said...

Great job on the soda, it's hard I have cut back a lot and treat myself every now and then. Good luck this week!

Erin Patrick said...

I am with you on trying to cut back on the diet soda. Fountain Diet Pepsi is my downfall! I can avoid the cans at the house - but I love the fountain drinks!
I am also with you in the PMS department unfortunately.
Hopefully next week we can both log a loss!!

Good luck!

kia said...

Great job with the baby step of saying no to the diet soda. You are starting out the year right. Have a great week.

Owen's Mom said...

Good luck with the cravings,and congrats on cutting back on the soda. I hope you have a great week!

elenka29 said...

That's the attitude! One step at the time

Anonymous said...

Oh the diet soda was hard for me to leave behind too. But now I hardly miss it.

Keep on working - have a great week!

Colleen said...

just quit buying the soda...I think your kids wouldnt care and dont think Pete drinks it...easy fix.

I have done good avoiding it at home. I did have one mcdonalds coke yesterday as I love them, but I limited it to a small instead of the huge large ones...and dont worry I had their oatmeal not fries and a burger.

Shelley said...

I was a Coke Zero junkie before Mamavation... it was like I was justifying that since it was 'diet' it was ok! once I cut those out I was amazed at how quickly I realized I didn't miss it. Keep taking baby steps and you'll be amazed at the changes you see! GREAT JOB!


Annette said...

Just a few days off the soda and you won't miss it, especially if you replace with water.

Great start to the new year.