Monday, May 17, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change
This week started off Good... then by Friday- it all went down hill. This sounds alot like last week. As I get busier, I start eating junk and do less workouts.
I know my downfalls... I had a brownie and Twix bar yesterday and on Friday, I skipped lunch and by the time we went out to dinner- I was hungry- I ate everything!
It didn't help that we went out to eat and to a Buffet at that.
Ok.. I know ... I need my butt kicked!!!
This week, I am going to stick with it!! I need to!!!... I am going to make healthy dinners for my family all week. They need it too. I need to make sure that we are all eating healthy and getting enough exercise. We have a busy week. Softball Games for Kylee on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Connor has baseball games on Tuesday and Saturday and he has a Chorus Concert on Wednesday. And I have a busy week at Gymnastics too. And Pete has alot of work to get done too. So- I really need to kick this is in full gear and make sure that my family has healthy dinners ready each night so they aren't stopping for junk- like fast food every night. I have to go to the grocery store and get some more fresh fruits and veggies.
No excuses- next week I better have some good news to tell you. I am going to get eat healthy and make sure I find time to get my workouts in especially on the weekend.
One quick mention: I just heard about OpenSky and need to go check it out, maybe you should too.


~Lori~ said...

Those bad days are over . Move on. Today is a new day. Bring out that crockpot to do the cooking for you on those busy days so you have no excuse to grab junk. Pack snacks for on the go! You can do this girl! HUGS

YouthfulTips said...

I love brownies! I keep going back and forth with the struggles but I'm making ground and will get there. So will you!

It's good that you keep trying!

bookieboo said...

How is Colleen doing? It must be very stressful for your entire family right now. XXOO

kia said...

No excuses Shawn. I know my habits will be so much like yours after I have the baby though... it is easy to slack off especially when you are doing healthy things (like the coaching you and your hubby do).