Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

Summer Time is almost here. Vacations are just around the corner and it's time to plan some Fun!!! What are some fun activities that your kids enjoy? That's the Question TwitterMoms wants to know.

I guess I better sit down with the family and start planning. Of Course, where we go and what we do all depends on Time and Money. Sometimes we plan a long trip and other times we plan a weekend or just a day trip. Some of our fun trips include:

Amuzement Parks

We love to go to Amuzement Parks. It's fun for the whole family. We love to go to Disney. (But-that costs alot money & time.) One of my Kids favorites is SeaBreeze.
This is one is about an hour drive from our house and is Awesome!!! The price is reasonable and the parks usually not overcrowded. This has many great rides and its own waterpark included.

This is an all time favorite!!! We love to go camping. We usually bring the Travel Camper but my kids want to try to Tent it this year. We are spoiled and my family has a beautiful camp that we love to go to every year too. It's so nice to sit around a camp fire and roast marshmellows.

Going out in the Boat
This is a great day trip or even just fun for a few hours. We are spoiled and own a MasterCraft Ski Boat. My kids enjoy waterskiing and are getting quite good at it too. We also love to go Fishing and just driving around and its always great to jump in the water to Cool off on a nice Summer Day.

Visiting Family
Another Favorite!! We have Family that lives out of State. My Sister lives in Wisconsin and we love to go visit her and her family. My Sister-in Law lives in Florida and that's another great trip. My In Laws are in North Carolina and we love to go there too. We love to go see our family and usually make some extra time to include some sightseeing and fun activities.

Going to the Zoo

We love Animals!!! This is just a fun and inexpensive thing to do. We love to go to our local Zoo and each time it seems like you notice something special about a different animal. We love to travel and visit other Zoo's too. I would love to take my kids to the National Zoo sometime.

These activities are just a few of our favorites. I was a lucky kid and each year my Parents planned a fun vacation for us. I'm looking forward to doing the same with my children.

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