Monday, April 26, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change
Monday again!! Time for a new start!! I need to get back to my routine!!!
I need to start over and get back to where I was. I got on my Wiifit this morning and...It's bad!!! I almost gained 5 pounds this month. Someone kick my butt!!! My goal was to lose 5-10 pounds before summer...Not to Gain weight this month. I know-my faults!!! I have been eating alittle more than I normally would and I have not been working out.
So- today is a new start...I am going to make myself get motivated and start doing my workouts. I am going to eat more Fruits especially Chiquita Bananas, strawberries and pineapple along with some fresh Veggies. I am going to get toned and look great before summer.(And it's sneaking up on me fast) I am going to try to drink more Water. One good note- *I have stopped drinking Diet Coke!!* The only thing I noticed is that I have been alittle more tired- I'm thinking from not having caffeine but I can deal with that. I am surprised that I haven't been getting headaches. (Knock on wood- LOL)
I wanted to give a shout out to Rachel and Kim- to keep up the hard work!!! I hear that week 3 is brutal- But You Can Do It!!!!
And to all of You in the Move It and Lose It campaign- Move IT!!!!!


Lisa Johnston said...

Aww I have a Kylie and a Connor (although we call him Hawk!)!

You can do it, mama!!

I'm going to start eating more fruits, too! My mom told me about the "correct" way to eat fruits, if you want to read my post about it.

Who would have thought! :)

Good job kickin' the soda!

Have a wonderful day! You can do this!

Colleen said...

wow that is giving up the diet coke!!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!

So now we are a month closer to get a moving girl ...although maybe you are just hungrier because you brought home your "souvenier" from your anniversary getaway lmao!!!

TLEstrogen said...

Way to lose the Diet Coke! I'm surprised you aren't getting headaches either! Did you have any other symptoms from drinking DC?

Laurie said...

Oh, I know how you feel! Before a few week ago I hadn't used my Wii Fit in over three months and was really sad to see how much weight I had gained and would have to lose to get back down to the point I was before. We can do it though! I hope you have a great week and I will be back to see how you are doing.

~Lori~ said...

Dont dwell on the bad things, tell the negative nelly's to shut the duck up and get back to the good stuff! Keep your head up!


kia said...

Ruh-roh, did that little hiatus for your anniversary send you on a spiral. Pick yourself up mama, get back to some consistency. Don't beat yourself up, but get back to work.

bookieboo said...

Woot on kicking the soda! That is HUGE! Yes, stop beating yourself fell on your just pick yourself back up. We are all here to support you. XXOO

Jessica said...

I'm not really the butt-kicking type - It's obvious you know better... But, congrats on ditching the soda! That's a great accomplishment! This week you get to build on that! Way to go You!