Monday, April 12, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Tonights the Twitter Party and Announcement of the New Mamavation Moms.
Please get your voting in...Please vote for @colleen_mouse!!!
I am bummed, I will be at work in the beginning of the Party- I am hoping to check in but I know I will be missing some of the Party as I will be teaching a Tumbling class and spotting most of the girls on backhandsprings. I am going to hurry home and catch the rest of the party. I am sooo hoping that my sister Colleen is chosen, but I know that's up to the Votes. Good luck to all the candidates.

I need to get myself alittle more motivated. I started off good this week, then I found excuses why not to exercise. So what if my back hurts, It really didn't feel any worse after I exercised. OK- and my weekness has been this Easter Candy. I need to kick the chocolate out of my house!!!
So-that said, this week I will do better. I'm going to make time for my workouts.
I'm going to eat healthy!!! Starting with breakfast...I'm thinking of stopping over at Subway and trying their new breakfasts. Those Egg White Muffin Melts look so yummy and are low in calories and fat.. I did start this morning off with fresh fruit. I can do it. I want to tone and look really fit. Summer's coming.


Colleen said...

Thanks for all your support! That darn easter candy more! Lets get moving!

TLEstrogen said...

You can do it Shawn! Look on the bright side too, you could be missing the whole party instead of just part of it.

kia said...

Have a great week Shawn. I hope your back feels better soon. Bad backs are no fun. Has your doctor recommended anything for core strengthening to alleviate the pain? Also good luck to your sissy. I bet she is STRESSED.

Jess said...

I think I am going to spend this weekend cleaning the junk out of my kitchen!

I do hope you feel better and just do everything you can to push yourself into even a 5 min work out a day. I have noticed if I just make myself do it I feel a little better.