Monday, April 19, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change
Tonight we will meet the new Mamavation Moms. Congrats to Rachel and Kimberly- I look foward to meeting you and cheering you on during these next weeks. And I'm looking forward to cheering on my sister Colleen and the others that are in the Move & Lose it Challenge with Earth Footwear. I'm kind of jealous and would love to win that prize of $500 and a pair of Earth footwear.

Well- this weekend my husband surprised me with an anniversary getaway. We had such a great time!!! Our suite was Awesome. We had a heart shaped jacuzzi, a round bed and fireplace along with a private pool and sauna. We had a great time!!!
I'm alittle bummed though- I gained 3.7 pounds this weekend. I ate like a pig!!! The food was amazing too. (Oh I forgot to tell you that.) I had a HUGE dinner and ate alittle more than I should have including a brownie sundae and cheesecake. I figured that I would get enough excerise but the scale wasn't my friend this morning. Well- I know that breakfast buffet yesterday morning didn't help either, nor did the pizza and wings last night. I ate alot more than I normally do. This week I will eat healthier and I will be doing extra workouts. I need to lose those extra pounds then I still want to lose another 5 to 10 pounds before summer. I at least want to workout and tone more than anything. I need to drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies. I'm trying to cook healthier meals for my family too.
Lets start breakfast out with All White Eggs to get in our protein and continue the day with a healthy dinner of chicken and veggies. (That's my plan.) Along with walking and doing the Wiifit and Active Workouts.


Colleen said...

yeah all that "souvenier" collecting works up an appetite lol!!!

kia said...

Yeah, the scale will probably be nicer to you even tomorrow with all the random stuff you ate over the weekend. The thing is, if it passes through your lips it better be worth it and a fun anniversary getaway sounds worth it to me. Now a regular Friday to Sunday binge for no reason doesn't. Be focused this week.

And I am also cheering Colleen on! She is an awesome sister to you and Sista to the rest of us.

lorrie said...

thats awesome that you had a time to reconnect with your husband have a great week