Sunday, January 29, 2012

Safety First!!

As a parent, Safety always come First!  I love for my kids to have fun but Safety is always in the back of my mind.
I don't let them ride their bikes, without wearing a helmet.  My daughter used to think I was being over protective of her, but now it's the Law.  She appreciates my concern, after taking quite a spill on her bike too though.
As she is getting older and I'm not looking forward to this, she will be learning to drive.  I am going to voice my concerns and teach her all I can to keep her safe on the roads.  One way, I can do that is to teach her what the street signs are and what they mean now while she is riding in the car with me.  Then when she is old enough to get her drivers permit, she will already know what the road signs are.  Knowledge is power, so why not start teaching our kids these little things now.

My kids love the outdoors.  They love to go with my husband and look for animal tracks and if they are lucky enough, see the deer.  Many times, they watch the deer, squirrels and  rabbits.  My husband has taught the kids that it is important to stay on our property though.  My son has learned to look for the no trespassing signs while he's out in the woods.   My husband is teaching him about the laws and safety of hunting along with teaching him to respect our neighbor's property.

I know that I can't always be with my children, but if I can teach them, that they should think about what could happen, then they will be smart and use their heads first and then hopefully they will stay alittle bit safer.

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