Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Purex Triple Action Detergent ~Review~

This winter...

Purex is rolling out a new Triple Action formula across the entire liquid detergent line. This new and improved Triple Action formula delivers even better on Purex's promise to always leave your clothes bright, white, and clean for half the price of the leading brand!


The new Purex Triple Action formula is just that. It’s an even better clean, for half the price of the leading brand.

I have put this laundry detergent to the test with my family's clothes. My husband has some really dirty work clothes and this new Purex Triple Action laundry detergent works Great!!! It does a really good job of getting the dirt and grime out of his work clothes on only one wash cycle. Also, it works great on all of our clothes, but his clothes usually are the most challenging to get clean.

I love that Purex laundry detergent is an afforable price which is great on our budget. You can purchase Purex for more than half the price of the leading brand, which is great!

New Purex Triple Action leverages the best parts of our current formula, combined with new additions, to deliver great cleaning plus improved brightening power. This new formula will be hitting shelves near you and you’ll soon find it in your favorite variety.

Just like all of the current detergents, this new Purex Triple Action has been specifically formulated to work in both traditional and High E ciency (HE) washers. This ensures that Purex is always available to you, no matter what kind of washer you have.

*Keep your eye out for coupons and samples. Also... I will be having a giveaway for you coming soon!

*Disclosure: As a member of the PurexInsiders, I received a free bottle of the Purex Triple Action detergent for the purpose of this review. This is my honest thoughts and opinion.*

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