Thursday, January 12, 2012

Purex UltraPacks Liquid Laundry Detergent ~Review~

What are Purex UltraPacks?

(In my opinion)...They are the next Best thing!!

• New Purex UltraPacks are convenient pre-dosed liquid detergent packs that make doing laundry easier than ever.

• Purex UltraPacks manage to squeeze all the performance of the new Triple Action liquid formula into just one powerful pack.

• Finally... No more mess! No more spills! No more heavy jugs!


It’s Laundry Simplified!!!

• Each Purex UltraPack contains powerful 2x concentrated liquid detergent, giving each UltraPack double the cleaning power in every drop.

• Purex UltraPacks dissolve quickly once the washer is started —even in cold water.

• Purex UltraPacks are formulated and safe for all machines, including high-efficiency (HE).

This is what it the actual UltraPacks "pack" or detergent brick looks like.

As a member of the Purex insiders, I had a chance to review this new product before it hits the shelves in February 2012. This is yet another innovative new laundry product from Purex. I can't await until I can buy more!!!

This is the next Best Thing!!! I love it!! I love that it will help avoid messes in my laundry room. ( no detergent spills). I love that it is a pre-dosed! I think that using the UltraPacks will save me even more money. I know that my husband isn't good about measuring the right amount of laundry detergent when he does a load. (For some reason, he thinks more is better and in most cases, more just cost you more money! ) I love that these work just as great as the other Purex laundry detergents costing less than half the price of the leading detergent. I love that the packaging is so much smaller and I won't have all the detergent jugs to recycle.

For Best Results...

• Dry your hands before handling the UltraPacks – water dissolves the film.

• Put (1) pack in the washer before adding clothing (the more time they spend in the water, the faster they dissolve). For larger or heavily soiled loads, use an additional pack.

• If you have a front loader, make sure to put the pack directly into the drum, not in the drawer.

*Keep your eye out for coupons and samples. Also... I will be having a giveaway for you coming soon!

*Disclosure: As a member of the Purex Insiders, I received a package of the UltraPacks for the purpose of this review. This is my honest thoughts and opinion.*

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