Friday, January 6, 2012

Bad Contractor

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

Unfortunately we hired the most worthless contractor to do renovations on our home in Glendale. He put on a good show at first and made us think he was really responsible and talented. After the contract was signed and money was paid we realized we made a bad mistake. He started showing up late every morning and things started to fall behind schedule almost immediately. We thought the project would take one month and it ended up taking three. The one good contribution he made was to recommend Glendale ADT Security for our home security needs. Otherwise I could have done without his work. I probably wouldn’t have been so dissatisfied with the schedule problems if I thought his work was up to par. I think for what we paid him we probably could have gotten a better quality job done. I’m not sure how long the work will hold up but I’m hoping for the best. Next time we need work done on our home we’re going to be way more careful than we were this time around.

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