Monday, November 22, 2010

Mamavation Monday

I've been slacking lately!!! I really need some motivation! I need to make the time to exercise. I know I would feel better about myself and I really want to lose those 10 pounds. I know... it's the same old...same old... But- Today's the day!

I haven't been doing much of my exercise routines lately. I got on the Wiifit today and it said it had been 32 days since my last time. I used to weigh in daily- good news... I lost 1.5 pounds since the last time I was one there. But- that's after I gained a bit too. With the Holidays soon approaching and that means those special treats and desserts I love, I need to make sure that I'm moving and working it off and that I don't gain anymore weight. I really want to look great and I need to tone up for that.

I love the Mamavation campaign and Support it gives to all of us. Rather if you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, the support is there. This weeks blogging carnival sponsor is Subway. Mmmm- I love their turkey sub!

This week it's the Commit to Fit Challenge. For our Commitment: I think that a Great start is for the whole Family to eat healthy and exercise. We love to do fun activities and play sports. We enjoy the fun exercise games on the Wii and we are looking forward to getting some new games. We can't wait to try the new JustDance2 Game- hopefully Santa will get us this and I would like the Zumba and the EA Sports Active2 games too for the Wii. We like to have alittle competition and see who gets the best score,it makes it even more fun!
Sometimes, you don't even realize, that it's exercise.

This week, we will have some family fun competitions playing our favorite wii games. I'm the best at Hula Hooping! (So far- at my house anyways!)Kylee's the Dance champ!- you should really see here shake her thing! Connor's just alittle bit younger but he can hold his own. Pete- on the other hand- he needs some work. (LOL) He is good at the fishing and hunting games though.

I'm not too worried about eating all the Turkey and desserts on Thanksgiving because I walk alot of it off on Friday-Shopping!


Colleen said...

You've just been slacking cause you know you cant get fatter than me right now!

Steph-Fit Mom in Training said...

I'm glad you're back on the wagon! No time like the present to re-commit. I like your fitness goals. I hope you have a great week! You got a whole lotta sistas out there that will lovingly kick you in the pants if you need it :)

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I'm hoping Santa brings us a Wii! (I know, we're a little behind the times.) Good job getting the whole family active. Have fun together!!

Joanna said...

Congratulations on the weight loss - I always celebrate, no matter how many disclaimers I have to add! :-) Also, great job getting back in there on the WiiFit. You can totally do this, get back in the habit and work off those 10 pounds. You are awesome!

That is what I love about the Mamavation group too! I also adore the encouragement that I get from this awesome group of ladies - there is so much love there!

I hope you have a fantastic week and a great Thanksgiving!

Marie said...

I am chasing my own wagon but OWN the wagon by next week! Let's kick this week into high gear and show those goals who's boss. Cheers to a new and better week *clicks water bottle*

elenka29 said...

You know, daily weight ins used to drive me insane. I felt down, because I gained 1/2 pound in 24 hours. I decided, once a week is good enough, to keep track. Good luck in coming back on the board

Carrie said...

Some good family competition can make exercise lots of fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

lorrie said...

how about picking a friend or family member and be partners and see how much weight you both can lose by christmas thats a month away. that might give you motivation.

hope you had an awesome thanksgiving