Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beyblade Let it Rip House Party

They Came. They "Let it Rip!" They had a great Time!!!

My son and his friends absolutely love Beyblades Metal Fusion. Since, having this Beyblades House Party,about a month ago, my son and his friends have been playing with their Beyblades all the time. They love to practice spinning them when alone. They love to "battle" when they get together. They like to see who's Beyblade will stay spinning the longest. Connor introduced his friends at school to Beyblades and most all of the boys in his third grade class want them too. Connor and his cousin both wanted more Beyblades for their birthdays and I know this is on the Christmas lists as well. I think this is going to be on most boys Wish List!!!
My twelve year old daughter and I even played Beyblades with Connor and they are fun. Let it Rip!! Just pull the rip cord and these spinning tops spin and you can even battle. There's even more fun- You can play online. (Although we haven't tried that yet)
Here's a picture of a few boys and their Beyblades Metal Fusion in action!!
Thank You to House Party and Hasbro for introducing us to Beyblades Metal Fusion! They even have the new Beyblade: Metal Fusion animated series on the Cartoon Network.

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sesshoumaru2st said...

Beyblade metal fusion and the beyblade episodes are popular stuff now.They have sold over 10million of these beyblade toys in japan already.That's a boat load of money,so i'm not surprised to see it reach in my backyard.Nice post and the boys look handsome.