Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lindsay Brin's Shed 5 Fast DVD Review

Lindsay Brin

Did five extra pounds sneak up on you in your busy life? Lose 5 pounds fast with Lindsay Brin's Shed 5 Fast DVD. These two total-body workouts balance toning exercises with bursts of energetic cardio for maximum fat burning in only 30 minutes. This interval training is the most efficient way to burn calories, and two different workouts ensure you won’t hit a plateau during the six week program.

You’ll lose five pounds or more in just the first three weeks with this Weight Loss fitness DVD! Lindsay Brin uses the 3/3 interval method for the most effective fat burning workout - 3 minutes of toning using multiple muscle groups to boost metabolism, and 3 minutes of martial arts/kickboxing to melt fat in exercises that are simple and effective. Follow your level- beginner, intermediate or advanced, or step up your program to advanced as you start to see results.

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To lose 5 pounds even faster make sure you use Moms Into Fitness Weight Loss Plan in addition to the Shed 5 Fast Workouts.

It seems like everywhere I go... and Everyone I know is trying to lose weight... Including ME. This journey for me started last year by wanting to lose some weight for my sister in laws wedding and my 20th class reunion. I've always been an active person. I was a gymnast for many years and currently Coach Gymnastics, so I always had alot of training and exercise. But after having my children and getting alittle older, the activity slowed down and the weight crept up. I'm not a huge person my any means and I had lost around 20 pounds last year, by eating healthy and exercise. Then I wanted to lose a few more pounds and tone up, But... I started to exercise less and eat more and added a few pounds back on. So... Here I am today!! I want to look and feel great!(by having a nice flat stomach & toned body) I want to lose weight. I know that comes by eating healthy and exercise.

I tried Lindsay Brin's Shed 5 Fast DVD. Wow!! What a workout. I haven't tried this workout for three weeks yet, to have lost 5 lbs, but I'm going to continue using this DVD. I like the combined workout of Cardio and Toning!!! I really like that you can start off at an easier level and set the program up to advance as you go. Many of the exercises are pretty easy and effective. I love the 3/3 interval method for the most effective fat burning workout in only 30 minutes. This workout is pretty fun and easy to follow. It is also nice that you can go to to find your metabolism, get a free meal plan and track your progress. Lindsay is also available on facebook for anyone who might have fitness or nutrition questions.

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Lindsay Brin

*Disclosure: This is a MamaBuzz Review. I received Lindsay Brin's Shed 5 Fast DVD from Lindsay Brin for review purposes. These are my honest thoughts and opinion.*

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