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The Wild Soccer Bunch -Book Review-

The Wild Soccer Bunch -Book 1- Kevin the Star Striker
Spring in Chicago can't come soon enough for seven friends because for them, spring means just one thing: Soccer Season. When the last of the snow has melted our seven friends are at their regular neighborhood field to play some soccer under the warm Spring sun, only to find Mickey the Bulldozer and his menacing gang of thugs called the Unbeatables have taken over the field and won't give it back without a fight.

Kevin the Star Striker rallies his friends together as The Wild Soccer Bunch and they challenge the Unbeatables to a "winner take all" soccer game.

But how can The Wild Soccer Bunch possibly win?

These Unbeatables are animals! Join Kevin the Star Striker and his wild bunch as they search for the perfect coach and become a real team. The Wild Soccer Bunch has two weeks to get ready for the biggest challenge of their life. Beat the Unbeatables or lose their field of dreams forever. Can they do what no one has done before?

About The Author – Joachim Masannek
Joachim Masannek studied German Studies and Philosophy at the College of Film and Television. He received several awards for his the films he produced as part of his studies: “In Liebe, Catherine”(In love, Catherine) and “Der Pampelmusenmond” (The Grapefruit Moon). After completing his studies, Masannek worked as a cameraman and playwright for film, television and studio productions, and went on to become a highly successful film producer and director.

Until 2004, Joachim Masannek was the coach of the real-life Wild Bunch team. He lives in Munich in Bavaria with his two sons, Leon and Marlon, who were the inspiration for the respective characters in the books. Masannek idea was to encourage those children, for whom his books are written, to develop determination. In his mind Soccer serves as a reflection of ‘real’ life: his stories are concerned with friendship, courage, willpower, competitive spirit, responsibility and team spirit.

About The Illustrator – Jan Birck
Jan Birck set himself up as a freelance illustrator in an atelier in Munich, working for well-known advertising agencies. There he built up his own company, together with his wife Mumi Birck: Dreamotion Media GmbH, developing multimedia concepts for books, film, CD-ROMs and additional mediums. Since then, Jan Birck has earned himself a name as children’s illustrator, with over 100 publications. He lives in Munich with his wife and his two sons, Timo and Finn.

"I've become a fan of The Wild Soccer Bunch!!"-Landon Donovan, MLS MVP

My Thoughts:
I've become a fan too. This book is a Great Read!!! This book is geared for children ages 8 to 12, but I even enjoyed reading this book myself. This is one of those books where you'll have a hard time putting it down, You will want to read the entire book once You start. The characters in this book are a fun group of kids and very relate able. The theme is about team sports, friendship and diversity. This book is a fun read for all and the soccer fans will really love and enjoy this. The illustrations are really cute too. The Wild Soccer Bunch is going to be a series the children will want to read!;mine already can't wait to read the next book. to read more about the Wild Soccer Bunch including the First chapter from this book. Also, Meet each of the characters in this story and find out more about Soccer and play some fun games.

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*Disclosure: I received The Wild Soccer Bunch Book free for review purposes. This is my honest thoughts and opinion.*

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