Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Googly Bands-The Newest Kid Kraze!!

Googly® Bands are fun shaped silicone bands for boys and girls. They stretch out to wear and then bounce back to their original shape! Kids can collect all the styles and trade with their friends. Googly® Band shapes are unique and proprietary designs created by Imperial’s in-house artists. Styles include Cars, Musical Instruments, Zoo Animals, Treats, Dress Up, Sea Creatures, and Dinosaurs. More themes will be introduced frequently to ensure maximum collectability.

Googly® Bands are packaged in an eye-catching OPP bag with 12 colorful designs inside. OPP stands for Oriented Polypropylene which allows bright graphics with a window to see the product. OPP is moisture resistant, durable, environmentally friendly since less material is required than a traditional blister card package and is recyclable.

Googly® Bands are the hottest collectibles!! Googly® Bands are for boys and girls aged 4 and up, and are at most major retailers including Walmart and Walgreens. They are already blowing off retail shelves, so get them fast. New styles are in production non-stop.
Starting June 1st 2010 Imperial is accepting submissions for the First Ever Googly® Band Design Contest! The Winner receives a $50 Gift Card and a chance to design the new style. Check out all the Details at www.Googlybands.com

My Thougths:
My children were excited about these Googly Bands. My 11 year old daughter thought they were "Pretty Cool" and she put them on right away. Then when my 8 year old son came home, he said "Awesome" and immediately put his on. They couldn't wait to wear them to school the next day. My son came home from school so excited, thinking he was really Cool and he said all the kids in my class want them. A few other kids in his class had them already, but I'm sure the rest of the kids were going to be asking for these soon. I have seen other children wearing these and they all seem to just love them. I think that they are a cute collectible and are a reasonable price. They have so many different styles and designs to choose from and they make cute little gifts. I like that they are collectibles for both boys and girls. The girls can also wear these in thier hair, they are made from 100% silicon so they won't pull on the hair during wear. And I like that they are not tight fitting, so when they wear them on their wrists, they don't leave marks like traditional hair ties would.

*Disclosure: I received Googly Bands samples for review purposes. This is my childrens and my own thoughts and opinions.*

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photoquest said...

My daughter is 13 and she has bought several packs of these also. I have heard at one school they are banning these saying it's to big of a distraction at school with the kids trading them and then having traders remorse : (