Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DVR Deleted

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

I was so mad at my husband last night. He somehow managed to delete every show that I had recorded on our DVR. I used to watch my shows on the nights they came on, but once we got directv, I was able to record my shows when they came on and watch them whenever I wanted to. I have been pretty busy lately and it has been several weeks since I watched my favorite TV shows, so our DVR was starting to fill up. My husband took it upon himself to free up some space so he could record three football games on the same day. He said that he did not mean to clear everything on the DVR, but he did. I was already irritated that his obsession with football has taken over three nights each week. Now that the only things left on the DVR are his football games, I am even more annoyed. He told me I could go online and watch any episodes I had missed, but I do not enjoy watching shows online. Maybe I will accidentally delete his football games.

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