Friday, October 15, 2010

My Ultimate Family Vacation

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Well... AS I am thinking of what my Ultimate Family Vacation would be, I have so many ideas!!! I would love to... I would love to go here and there and everywhere but most importantly I would love to be with my Family. My Family vacation would include my Husband and Children, My Mother and Father, My sisters and their families and my Husband's sisters and their families. Ok... I've got it!! I think that my Ultimate Vacation would be to take a Cruise. I would love the Cruise ship to be filled with all my Family and Friends. We would have so much Fun!! I would want to cruise around the world. It would be nice to stop and see all the different places. We would have to go somewheres warm and stop for the kids to play on the beach. They would love to go swimming and snorkeling. Maybe even do Disney for a week. Then we would have to go out West or somewheres where my husband could go hunting. My Mom would love to go to Alaska. It would be nice to go snowmobiling and skiing too. We could all do something different and meet back up. The cruise ship would have great food and plenty of entertainment. It would have fun things for the children and adults to do. We would need time to go shopping too. We would have to have comfortable beds, so that we could all rest up for the next days fun. This Ultimate Vacation would be great!!! I guess... I can dream!!!

Where would you go? Who would go with you? What would your Ultimate Family Vacation be?

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