Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Haan's Floor Steam Cleaner Review

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It's the product that put Haan in the steam cleaning spotlight! The FS-20 is the naturally healthy way to clean and sanitize all your sealed hard-surface floors - without the fumes or residue of harsh chemicals. Engineered to outperform every steamer in its class, the FS-20 emits 212...

The Floor Steam Cleaner for Hard Surfaces with Carpet Tray by Haan works Great on all my floor needs. Designed for multi-puprose use. I use this on my hard wood floors,ceramic tile and carpets. No harsh chemicals needed to get your floor clean. It is so easy to use, just add tap water and attach a super-absorbent, multilayer Ultra-Microfiber cleaning pad. Then Turn it on and after the light turns orange, you can start using it. It heats up in less than three minutes. Just be careful, because you could burn yourself on the steam and the bottom is hot to touch -which is recommended not to touch. This cleaner is so easy that even my Twelve year old daughter can "mop" my floors. I say mop- but this machine does more than your every day mop job. This emits 212-degree F steam to kill 99 percent of germs, bacteria and dust mites,providing an ecologically green and naturally healthy way to keep your home clean. This machine is powerful and is light- weight. (Weighing less than 4 pounds with a full tank of water). The cord is fairly long, it could be even longer to reach all the way from one end of my house to the other, but that would make cleaning just to easy. The only problem I noticed is that it doesn't work that well for floors with crevices. It doesn't get into the cervices to clean them however, the surface is clean. Also some spots close to my fridge and corners are somewhat hard to get. For those really dirty or messy jobs, I just had to go over a few times. Overall, I really like this and its much cleaner and it's less work than an ordinary mop. When you are done, You don't need to dump dirty water or rinse your mop. Just throw the cleaning pad in the washer to be reused. Also, the bonus is that this can also be used on carpets too.

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*Diclosure: This product was purchased from CSNstores.com for the purpose of this review. I received a gift code for partially payment. This is my honest thoughts and opinion.*

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