Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animal Throw Pillow Review

We received an Animal Throw Pillow from ThrowPillows.org. These pillows are not really featured on their site yet, because they are working on putting together a pillow of the month giveaway. So, stay tuned to ThrowPillows.org, so that you can get in on their pillow of the month giveaways. (That will be coming soon) Or check out this site to see what other neat throw pillows they offer.

These pillows come in many different animals, including a dog, bear, panda, bunny, turtle, cat, cow, tiger and ladybug. They are great for kids, ages 3 and older.

We received the Dog pillow, and my son loves it. This pillow is unique. It's a stuffed animal and pillow all in one. When it is not being used as a pillow, it can be folded in half (and strapped together with a velcro strap), it actually looks like a standing dog. It's really cute too. It's white with brown ears and is so soft. The soft furry fabric is velvety to the touch. My son really loves how it feels. When the dog is opened up you can use it as a pillow. The filling is pretty soft and plush, perfect for a child’s head. This animal throw pillow could be used either way, opened up or folded up depending on the size pillow your child likes.
This animal pillow is really nice to travel with. My son took this to his friend's house for a sleepover and it was his little companion and pillow all in one. It also looks pretty cute (folded up)laying on his bed too. My son is eight years old and still likes this, although I think it would be prefect for a toddler!

*Disclosure: I received an animal throw pillow, free of charge, from ThrowPillows.org, for the purposes of this review. This is a MamaBuzz Review, check out what the others are saying about this product.*

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